Plaid – Scintilli review

A classic story that has impacted the history of literature and has become a staple in many childhoods across the world is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Besides the mystical and colorful characters presented throughout the novel, there was a theme of fantasy consistently conveyed through the adventures Alice encountered, all beginning with her trip down a rabbit hole. Now, imagine that during her warped journey, there was a soundtrack to her descent, disaster, and deliverance. That soundtrack would be Plaid’s, “Scintilli.”

The seventh release from the London-based duo features a Latin title, meaning “I am many sparks,” and abstract cover artwork surrounding a thirteen-track album within a self-created realm of electronica and instrumental arrangements. The opening song, “Missing,” begins with a soft combination of folk guitars and other stringed ambience, creating a lighthearted, yet mysterious atmosphere, and also fits appropriately with the aforementioned correlation to “Alice in Wonderland” during the opening scene of the book as she falls down the abyss and goes “missing.” An animated maze of soundscapes continues throughout “Scintilli” as musical ups and downs are permeated through up-tempo beats and compositions, such as on “Unbank,” and are further enhanced by dark twists and an underlying emotionally-charged tone. On the closing track, “At Last,” a culmination of the album’s untold story occurs and is recapitulated through an awakening mix of drums and upbeat vibe.

As veterans in the wonderland of electronica, Plaid has confirmed their ability to continuously reinvent and reintroduce a talented work of dynamic and hypnotizing tracks. Let us hope that their contributions to music are far from “The End.”

By Kerianne Strachan

I am 16 bars away from a dope hook.

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