Chromeo at NYC’s Terminal 5

Chrom-e-o, ooh-oh.. Chrom-e-o, ooh-oh. Those three syllables strike a chord in my soul the moment I hear them because it will forever bring me back to the other night, when I saw the incredible Canadian superstars.  The anxious crowd was waiting with an unsurmountable suspense for the duo to take the stage. Then, the famous ritual chant began, blue rays of light flooded the crowd, and everyone loudly screamed ’til their lungs got sore. Welcome to the night of 11/5/11 at Terminal 5.

Chromeo began their set with their classic single, “Fancy Footwork.”  The perfect song to get everyone’s feet jiving.  Throughout their set, they played all of their hits “Bonafide Lovin,” “Tenderoni,” “Hot Mess,” “Momma’s Boy,” “Don’t turn the Lights On,” as well as many others.  It’s always enjoyable to see electrofunk come to life from your headphones to the stage.

There’s something about Chromeo’s tracks that always make it a danceable song, regardless of how good the track really is.  I always ask myself, what makes Chromeo so good? Is it their 80‘s era-inspired dance music that permeates the floor and makes the audience naturally conduct their fancy footwork?  Is it their theatrical performance including their recognizable suit and bow-tie ensemble, as well as, their back-up synchronized female dancers? Is it their hilarious sounding talk-box they use to speak to the crowd which always pleases the audience? Or it must be because they’ve been in the industry for a handful of years (circa 2004) and they have mastered the art of performing.  Regardless, I think it’s plausible to say, these righteous fellas have got their heads in the game.


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