Still Corners – Creatures of an Hour review

I first heard “Cuckoo” while casually listening to my favorite college radio station, and, needless to say, I was instantly hooked.  Creatures of an Hour is a very alluring album: it’s beautiful, haunting, gorgeous and enticing all at once. The reverb and echo that is persistent throughout bring to mind some old, mossy, 14th century cathedral;  with its rusty  pipe organs, a beautiful-yet typical stain-glass Madonna and child, and of course the old, venerable, and admittedly scary Catholic Priest.

Best described as a mix between Broadcast and Mazzy Star, which coincidentally are two of my all time favorite, desert island bands, Creatures of an Hour is seductive in all the right places.  Singer Tessy Murray is the perfect Dream Pop Chanteuse and Greg Hughes’ sometimes somber, sometimes psychedelic, but always dreamy arrangements fit her atmospheric style perfectly.

If you’re looking for something that will stylistically blow your mind then Creatures of an Hour may not be your cup of tea.  Instead, the simple arrangements are brought forward with much greater intensity by the group’s beautiful lulling melodies, enchanting organs, and, of course, Murray’s amazing voice.  Creatures is a very concise, very developed album, which isn’t usually a denotation of debut LP’s.

“Cuckoo”, the first single off the album, is perhaps the best intro to this group, but certainly not the best song here.  Songs like “The White Season”, with its beautiful harmonics, and “Demons”, which is so pretty that 2:14 is simply not long enough, are arguably the strongest tracks here.  “Endless Summer”, which has been re-mastered from its previous release, is another highlight and succeeds where lesser bands fail by creating a subtle potency. Amazingly, while the aforementioned songs sound great on their own, they sound even better in conjunction with the rest of the album.

Listening to Creatures of an Hour will make you want to call in sick, close your blinds, dim the lights, make some tea, turn the stereo up to eleven, and crawl back into bed.  Still Corners have bewitched me, and I couldn’t be more delighted. I was worried that the songs wouldn’t be able to match what I felt with “Cuckoo”, but this is one enchanting album.  Creatures of an Hour has given me hope that Still Corners may be able to pick off where Broadcast tragically left off.

By Brad Smith

"Did I listen to music because I was miserable, or was I miserable because I listened to music?"

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