Das Racist is da best

All I can say about Das Racist (actually, I could talk for days about them) is they are dope. What I mean by dope is that they are the wittiest, swaggerlicious, intelligent, entertaining and raddest cats in NYC. 

The group played in their stomping grounds at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg, this being their last show of their U.S. tour before they head overseas. It’s always enjoyable seeing artists who are playing in their home town because there’s always a little more sense of community within the audience. Their technique of mixing humorous puns with important social and political issues is a challenging task and many rappers cannot fulfill this characteristic.

Williamsburg saw an easy-going performance; nothing seemed staged or rehearsed with Das Racist’s trio naturally spitting rhymes from some their greatest tracks. Michael Jackson, Power and You Oughta Know amongst others.  The show saw guest performances from their friends, as well as those featured on their tracks.  It was the type of show where you want to go on stage and hang with them because they’re just having a good time.

Their styles are naturally cool, their witty jokes are solid, their mojo’s are dope, their beats are creative, and their raps are addictive.  Enough said.

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