Musical Adventures from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I generally give positives reviews, because (thus far) the shows I’ve attended have been good. Therefore, I find it difficult to express myself when a show was truly amazing.  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ performance at the Bowery Ballroom was flat-out incredible. Although there were some heavily rehearsed dialogue parts between the songs, the overall performance was profusely high-energetic.  Although some parts did seem staged, you could sense his sincerity towards his fans and his passion for music pervaded throughout his performance. His eccentric costume changes, humorous commentary, exuded confidence, and articulate rhymes, made this a stand-out performance and my crush for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis intensified like a middle-school girl.

Macklemore embraces the Seattle swagger demonstrated by his clothes which looked like he bought them at trendy vintage store. He began with a leather jacket, followed by a denim jacket touched with black fringe dangling from his side, ending with an 80’s big-hair wig that sparked the crowd’s enthusiasm.  There was never a dull moment within all the chants and interaction among the crowd. When he played “Life is Cinema” sampling the Killers’ “All these Things that I’ve Done,” got the crowd literally jumping.  The audience truly “got soul” and preached it as everyone was making the ground shake from their chants and boots pounding against the wooden floors.  Although the majority of the tracks had everyone visibly bobbing their heads and clearly rapping every word, “Can’t Hold us Down,” “And we Danced,” “Irish Celebration” and “My Oh My” were other knee-benders.

I felt like I had a deeper understanding of Macklemore’s character regarding his past battles, his roots and his drive.  It’s difficult for an artist to immediately find a connection with their fans given an 1 ½ time span. Macklemore undoubtedly did just that.  His exposure of himself through is music and his comfort on stage was noticed.  It also helps that he has remarkable enunciation while spitting his rhymes, supported by his meaningful and intelligent lyrics.  He has true talent as an entertainer; but most importantly, he has true talent as an artist and his exceptional performance proved it.

Right before he exited the stage, he ended the show with a splash of colorful confetti sprinkling throughout the crowd. He then exited. I secretly wanted to chase after him.

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Anna Vogelzang offers Holiday Songs, new album out Feb 28th news


In the spirit of the season, Anna Vogelzang has carried on her tradition of recording holiday songs towards the end of the year to share with friends and family. The practice began in 2008 when she’d just moved to Madison, WI after a stint in Chicago. Having yet to start a new day job, she found herself without a lot of extra funds to buy gifts, but also with more space for home recording in her new apartment than she’d ever had before. So as a way to show appreciation to friends and family, she and her partner Andrew Young recorded a six song EP, and packaged it in hand-made sleeves to give out as presents. Every year since she’s continued the tradition, and while she hasn’t made them public in the past, this year she’s putting a few songs on display for fans. Below you will find some great options for your 2012 holiday party playlist. Stream, Download, and feel free to share.

Silent Night – Stream
Jingle Bells – Stream
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Stream

In the new year Anna will begin preparing for the release of her new album Canary In A Coal Mine, out February 28th on Paper Anchor Music.

In recording Canary In A Coal Mine, Vogelzang enlisted the help of a wide cast of professional players including Franz Nicolay on accordion (former Hold Steady), Brian Viglione on drums (Dresden Dolls), Todd Sickafoose on upright bass (Righteous Babe/Ani DiFranco) and Emily Hope Price on cello (Pearl & the Beard). In the studio she teamed with producer James Frazee (Blondie, Betty LaVette) to create a shimmering and fully crafted folk pop landscape accented with flowing strings, plucky banjos, and Vogelzang’s warm and inviting full-throated vocals filling and floating above the spaces in between.

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New Bindiniband Album


In The Rock Hall is the epic second album by Bidiniband, the estimable Toronto quartet led by former Rheostatic and award-winning author Dave Bidini. Bidini is the only Canadian artist to be nominated for a Juno, Gemini and Genie Award, as well as a finalist in 2012’s CBC Canada Reads series. With In the Rock Hall– released January 24, 2012 on Pheromone Recordings– Bidini returns to his roots as an artist alongside his longstanding bandmates drummer Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith), guitarist Paul Linklater (Pinecones) and bassist Doug Friesen (John K Samson, Peter Elkas). In The Rock Hall was recorded in only six days at Revolution Recording in Toronto with engineer Joe Dunphy. The record was mixed by Michael Phillip-Wojewoda (BNL, Rheostatics).

This was the first album to be recorded in Toronto’s new state of the art studio and was the result of two years of constant gigging in the clubs, taverns, bars and shanties of Canada. The songs were also recorded live off the floor with but a single guitar overdub. The title track is based on the poem “In the Rock Hall” by author Paul Quarrington, and another track, “Eunoia,” draws its lyrics from the epic literary work of the same name by Christian Bok. Other songs explore similarly wild and esoteric Bidiniband themes: pirates, war, dating, travel, The Smurfs, engines, the waterways, and movie-making. All of that and a song about Johnny Winter.

Mastered by Joao Carvalho, In the Rock Hall is an expressive, white-hot rock and roll statement from one of Canada’s longstanding musical and literary pioneers and counts among his finest work in an artistic life that has already spanned four decades.

In celebration of the release of In The Rock Hall, Bidiniband will be playing The Dakota Tavern on January 24th from 7 until 10 pm. The night will be filled with surprise guests, noisemakers, amp throwing, squirrel-toss, balloon drinking, dart poker and underwear bingo. And, one really good drum solo.

Catch the band while they make their way across Canada:

01/26/12 – Hamilton Bidiniband and reading Casbah Lounge
01/27/12 – Toronto Bidiniband (7pm) Toronto Reference Library
01/27/12 – St. Catharines Bidiniband (11 pm) The Merchant Ale House
01/28/12 – Toronto CD Release Show The Dakota Tavern
02/07/12 – Halifax with Sean Panting Carleton
02/09/12 – Charlottetown Bidiniband Stolen From a Hockey Card Show
02/19/12 – Toronto Bidiniband Harbourfront Skate Festival

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I Break Horses announces first ever US shows supporting M83

I Break Horses announces first ever US shows supporting M83

VIDEO: “Wired”

STREAM: “Load Your Eyes” (Star Slinger Load Your 808 Remix) –

I Break Horses

Allow us to introduce you to the beguiling world of I BREAK HORSES, the nom de plume of Maria Lindén and her musical partner Fredrik Balck. Residing in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, the duo have been meticulously crafting the nine incredible tracks that make up debut album Hearts throughout stolen moments gathered up over the past two years.

The task of capturing the sonic density of Lindén’s compositions was painstaking, while Balck’s lyrics, constantly teasing the senses, are at times insular and cold to the touch. It’s only when interpreted by Maria’s gorgeous vocals that a warmth is added, like the first rays of sun on a winters morning.

Although heavily (and openly) influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Jesus & Mary Chain et al – Hearts is far from an exercise in typical shoegaze fayre. Maria, waif-like and unassuming in person, is transformed on record to sound 10 feet tall. And, perhaps where certain contemporaries would hypnotize the listener into their world by sheer volume alone, I Break Horses lock firmly onto the very thing that makes each and every one of us ‘tick’: our pulse. Our Hearts. The common thread that links the nine songs together; always present, always beating – the album’s strength and presence guided entirely by it.

Coupled with with Lindén’s vocal, a seductive Scandinavian croon that’s bathed in an ocean of reverb and tremelo, Hearts is quite the sonic experience. It can’t be defined via a few meagre adjectives or genre classifications; you have to live it, live inside it. It will soak you up, embrace you and give back what you put in… Welcome to the most bewitching debut of the year.


SU 22-Apr San Francisco, CA Fillmore *
W 25-Apr Portland, OR Roseland *
TH 26-Apr Seattle, WA Neptune *
F 27-Apr Vancouver, BC Vogue *
SU 29-Apr Salt Lake City, UT In the Venue *
M 30-Apr Denver, CO Ogden *
TU 1-May Lawrence, KS Granada *
W 2-May St Louis, MO Pageant *
F 4-May Chicago, IL Vic *
SA 5-May Detroit, MI Majestic *
SU 6-May Toronto, ON Sound Academy *
M 7-May Buffalo, NY Town Ballroom *
W 9-May Boston, MA House Of Blues *
TH 10-May New York, NY Terminal 5 *
F 11-May Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer *
SA 12-May Washington, DC 9:30 Club *
M 14-May Atlanta, GA Buckhead Theater *
TU 15-May Nashville, TN Marathon Music Works *
TH 17-May Houston, TX House of Blues *
F 18-May Austin, TX Stubb’s *
SA 19-May Dallas, TX Granada *
M 21-May Phoenix, AZ Crescent
W 23-May Los Angeles, CA Echo

* = w/ M83

I Break Horses
(I Kill Love / Bella Union)
Street Date: Aug. 23, 2011

1. Winter Beats
2. Hearts
3. Wired
4. I Kill Your Love, Baby!
5. Pulse
6. Cancer
7. Load Your Eyes
8. Empty Bottles
9. No Way Outro

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DJ Chuckie Interview

Chuckie, the internationally known DJ hailing from Holland, is blowin’ up the speakers with his new track, “Who is ready to jump,” and is quickly carving a wide avenue in the city of the electronic industry.  Chuckie’s self-made label, event company, iPhone App, and musical movement, Dirty Dutch Music is now a staple within the industry.

Want to talk about Dirty Dutch music?

Chuckie: I wanted to do my own club tour with like 300 gigs a year and I kind of got bored by the way the promotors set up things. I wanted to decide how I set my own entertainment and how the DJ’s play and the line up. So I started to do this DD party, then I did a tour with like 50 dates in total. I basically did it and it succeeded.  Infact, it got sold out three years in a row.

Now Dirty Dutch has propelled into a new genre with a Dutch-esque flare…

Chuckie: It was successful because it had a different feel in the compared to whatever was happening within the whole dance industry at that moment. It got started in the right direction. So before you knew it there was a whole movement that started globally. That’s the best thing you could have. Then people started seeing it as a new musical genre. That’s unbelievable.

Dirty Dutch even has it’s own iPhone App called Blackout…

Chuckie: Everywhere I have a theme for the DD parties and this year I’ve decided to take it more Blackout, all black everything, inspired by Jay-Z’s wise words. Also, in the wintertime, if you throw a party, it’s hard to find clothes in white. I know, when I wear all black I feel a little bit more dark, mysterious, and sharp.  It’s going to be really awesome.  Also, the line up is kind of different than we normally do. There is a different international line-up and we will have artists like Knife Party and more.  Every year I have set my game up as far as the party and I have to keep the people interested. It’s hard to keep people interested so I always try to find something different or at least try different angle.

The new track, “Who’s Ready to Jump?” is an ode to all those wild U.S. electo-lovers.  What are your thoughts when a new song releases?

Chuckie: I made that record and sampled my own voice from EDC Las Vegas. I wanted to do something with that phrase because every time a beat drops, if you are playing in a U.S. festival, they always jump like crazy.  I wanted to do a record made for that kind of crowd.  It’s really a special record to me.  As for working on remixes, I have one from Dillon Francis, Skrillex, and 12th Planet who are already playing, so that’s really good to see. They kind of accepted it. That’s really good for me because I saw alot of people were talking about it on the blogs.  The moment it came out, I got so much love from the blogs and everybody was supporting it so I was really happy about that.

I noticed you always wear hats, do you have a favorite or lucky hat?

Chuckie: No, I don’t have a favorite hat because I keep on losing my hats all the time so every time I get a chance to buy a new hat, I buy a new hat. Right now it’s all about the snapbacks! It’s the hip-hop in me.  I used to be a hip-hop DJ in Holland. At certain point, I converted from a Hip-Hop DJ to a House crowd.  People in the hip-hop scene were not as accepting and my managers suggested I take my cap off when I play at a house party.  But that makes me, me. Finally, they accepted me with my hat. I think it would be weird if I DJ’ed without a hat. 

I was reading your touring schedule and basically you are performing every night. How do you do it?

Chuckie: I like DJing alot so the more better. The time when I’m behind the decks, even when I’m tired, it’s just adrenaline and this is what really keeps me alive and going. I could be tired right before a set but the moment I get on, adrenaline takes over and it’s pure energy. That’s how I do it. Also, you have to know when to take your rest and no where my limits are so I don’t go too crazy.

I’ve seen you play and your opening act is quite the theatrical spectacle.  Did you come up with that?

Chuckie: You always do your research and a little homework. You try to find something that makes a big entrance. It’s always a preparation and something you give extra thought, especially if it’s a big show. When I prepare something, there’s like a 1000 kids filming on YouTube, so it better be good.  Every year when I do the DD event as well, I’ve got 30,000 people in front of me and I do the intro and half the room is filming it and I know that it’s going to end up on YouTube. 

What are the craziest shows you’ve been to?

Chuckie: It’s all so different but I like the festivals. I enjoyed this and last year’s EDC. Last year, it was in LA and 100,000 people were in front of me. I literally just came off a flight and it was my birthday so it was a special day for me. Also, this year in Vegas, 30 minutes before I started, there was nobody in that area I had to play at. Then 5 minutes before I got on, it just filled up over the place and I had a really good crowd. Generally I like to play the stage. It’s so diverse everywhere I go. 

What do you think is next for electronic music?

Chuckie: It’s evolving so fast. I think right now, the direction is going off course. Alot of people get introduced to dance music in a different way. Some people discover it by the internet, some by a record Pit Bull did, or a record Usher did. Every one has their own experience with discovering electronic music. At the end of the day, 5 years from now, there will be many of people exposed to our music. Then, if you are really interested in music, you are going to look for more underground unknown stuff.  All music genres goes through this process and then goes back to the original form.  People are going to try and discover something new about the music, so it will continue to become strong and stronger. Normally what happens is, when the music crosses over to pop and people get tired of it, people don’t want to deal with the commercial house anymore.  In general, we have a strong background as far as electronic underground music goes, so it’s here to stay.

The rest of this year (as well as in 2012) Chuckie has residency at NYC’s Lavo. Check him out!

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Watch the Tour Announcement from Tom Meighan Here:

UK rockers Kasabian return to North America in spring 2012 shortly after the release of their much-anticipated album Velociraptor! (debuted Sept. 20, 2011 digitally and the physical album on Sept. 27, 2011). In regards to the record, MOJO magazine says the band just made a career-best record that’s completely devoid of filler…it’s the great record Kasabian have been threatening to make for some time.

Kasabian kicked off their European tour this fall, which includes two nights at the O2 Arena in London on December 13th and 14th. These dates follow performances this summer at the Isle Wight Festival, the iTunes Music Festival and other notable European festivals.

Recorded during late nights in the English countryside, Velociraptor! was influenced by a variety of musical acts from Elvis Presley to the Chemical Brothers and Led Zeppelin, resulting in the band’s best and most definitive album yet. The debut single “Days Are Forgotten” is an incendiary mix of spoken word, amplified vocals and stadium-sized riffs. Other standout tracks include “Switchblade Smile” with its synthesized beats and techno melodies and the dreamlike “Neon Noon.” “Switchblade Smiles” is currently available for stream/download at Kasabian’s website

“Days Are Forgotten” Rumbling, black cloud of techno intensity, probably the heaviest tune they’ve ever done, and might well be their best” – NME

Formed in 1999 in Leicestershire, England, Kasabian consists of Sergio Pizzorno (guitar), Tom Meighan (vocals), Chris Edwards (bassist) and Ian Matthews (drummer.) Having released three studio albums, Kasabian (2004), Empire (2006) and West Ryder Lunatic Asylum (2009), Kasabian has become one of Britain’s biggest rock bands, selling out stadiums and festival main stages across European. The band has won at the Q Awards, taking home Best Live Band and Best Album, The NME Awards, winning Best Live Band and Best Album and the MOJO Awards winning song of the year for ‘Fire’ in 2010.

3/12/12 – South Side Music Hall, Dallas, TX
3/15/12 – Fitzgerald’s, Houston, TX
3/17/12 – Center Stage, Atlanta, GA
3/18/12 – Beacham Theatre, Orlando, FL
3/20/12 – 9:30 Club, Washington, DC
3/21/12 – Theatre Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA
3/22/12 – Terminal 5, New York, NY
3/27/12 – House of Blues, Boston, MA
3/28/12 – Corona Theatre, Montreal, QC
3/29/12 – Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, ONT
4/01/12 – Crofoot Ballroom, Pontiac, MI
4/02/12 – Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL
4/03/12 – First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
4/06/12 – Edmonton Event Center, Edmonton, AB
4/07/12 – MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Calgary, AB
4/09/12 – Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC
4/10/12 – The Showbox @ The Market, Seattle, WA
4/11/12 – Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
4/22/12 – The Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO

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They Might Be Giants Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Video

They Might Be Giants Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Video

John Flansburgh aka DJ Flansy Curates Playlist
For Guggenheim “Art After Dark” Event, Dec 9

International Tour Continues in the US This Winter

“After 30 years, They Might Be Giants retain the virtues that have endeared them to everyone from indie-favoring hipsters to the preschool set… ”
– USA Today ***

“They Might Be Giants is a band that simply loves making music, something that still excites them after almost 30 years.”
– Billboard

“As nerd culture and popular culture have become virtually indistinguishable, TMBG is nobody’s secret; for proof, ask just about any kid.”

In the many months spent creating and then promoting their summer hit record Join Us, They Might Be Giants recorded several new tracks, not all of which made it onto the album. The band has compiled the best of these recordings to create a brand new full-length, made up of rarities and many previously unheard tracks. An eclectic follow-up to their latest LP, Album Raises New and Troubling Questions is out now alongside Join Us on Idlewild Recordings.

On Album Raises New and Troubling Questions, the band puts a unique electronic twist on their classic track “Istanbul (Not Constantinople).” Today the band has unleashed the brand new video for the Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople)– watch the trippy video

The Guggenheim is hosting an after-hours celebration of Maurizio Cattelan: All, the exhibition the New York Times calls, “one of the most audacious exhibitions in the Guggenheim’s half-century.” The event will take place on Friday, December 9th and features a specially curated playlist by TMBG’s John Flansburgh AKA DJ Flansy. Click here for more detail on the event. Tickets are available for purchase at the door.

Revered for their unique brand of rock and energized live show be sure to catch They Might Be Giants as they continue their US tour with Jonathan Coulton this winter in a city near you!

?They Might Be Giants Tour Dates
# = w/Jonathan Coulton

1/27: Santa Cruz, CA @ The Rio Theatre
1/28: Los Angeles, CA (Special Family Show) @ Royce Hall UCLA
1/28: Los Angeles, CA – 30th Anniversary Show @ Royce Hall UCLA
1/29: Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre
1/30: Tucson, AZ -@The Rialto Theatre
2/1: Tulsa, OK (Rescheduled from Sept.) @ Cain’s Ballroom #
2/2: Dallas, TX @ The Granada Theatre #
2/3: Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa #
2/4: New Orleans, LA @ Tipitina’s #
2/7: Tampa, FL @ The Ritz Ybor #
2/8: Orlando, FL @ Hard Rock Live #
2/9: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL @ Ponte Vedra Concert Hall #
2/10: Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse #
2/11: Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse #
2/12: Chattanooga, TN @ Track 29 #
2/14: Charlotte, NC @ McGlohan Theater at Spirit Square #
2/15: Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre #
2/16: Charlottesville, VA @ Jefferson Theatre #
2/17: Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live
3/8: Northampton, MA @ Calvin Theater #
3/9: Providence, RI @ Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel #
3/10: New York, NY @ Terminal 5 #

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Work Created Specifically for MoMA

PopRally Presents RELIQUARY HOUSE: An Evening with Oneothrix Point Never and Nate Boyce
Saturday, December 17, 2011
9:00 p.m.–12:00 a.m.
The Museum of Modern Art

WHAT: PopRally will premiere of the multimedia performance RELIQUARY HOUSE by Oneohtrix Point Never and visual artist Nate Boyce, created specifically for The Museum of Modern Art.

OPN and Boyce re-imagine the canon of modernist sculpture through hallucinatory reconstructions of works by David Smith, Jacob Epstein, and Anthony Caro, among other sculptures in MoMA’s collection. Boyce uses computer-generated imagery to transform these sculptures into kinetic apparitions that inhabit incongruous and “impossible” landscapes and architectural environments. Abetted by OPN’s sound design, Boyce reconfigures the museum setting, pulling historical art objects into a new context.

The performance is bookended by a screening of selected video works that confront notions of “the image as object” and the visceral dimensions of sound and images. In addition, Matt Werth provides interstitial “sound sets.”

Attendees will have access to four MoMA exhibitions throughout the evening: Contemporary Art from the Collection, 1980–Now; Harun Farocki: Images of War (at a Distance); Thing/Thought: Fluxus Editions, 1962–1978; Sanja Ivekovi?: Sweet Violence; and Projects 96: Haris Epaminonda.

PopRally: Launched in April 2006, this program of events at The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 features collaborations with artists and musicians, performances, film screenings, receptions, and special viewings of exhibitions at moderate prices. Past events have included performances by Sigur Rós, Cat Power, Les Savy Fav, Patti Smith, Chicks on Speed, The Raincoasts, DFA records, and PaperRad and friends. Additional information on PopRally is available at

WHERE: The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street

WHEN: Saturday, December 17, 2011
9:00 p.m.–12:00 a.m.
The performance beings at 9:30 p.m.

TICKETS: $18 in advance, $22 at the door. Available online at
Admission includes performance, access to galleries, and cocktails.
Attendees must be 21 or older to attend this event.
SPONSORSHIP: PopRally is supported in part by The Friends of Education of The Museum of Modern Art. Additional support by Sud de France Wines and Brooklyn Brewery.


The Darcys – The House Built Around Your Voice review

Toronto based sexy shoe gaze four piece release their sweltering and gracefully textured second album The House Built around your voice. This follows their debut titled Endless Water which was released in 2007. Both albums are stylized, fresh, yet completely independent from one another. These are each qualities to be applauded with a young band that carry the weight of ancient men.

The title track on The House Built around Your Voice is the only other example of music that resembles the legendary Antony. However the Darcy’s, (made up of four young gentlemen) are original; this is clear immediately. The all encompassing voice that captures overwhelming beauty and pain has only been achieved once before on this decade until these fellas rolled around. The haunting lyrics become alive through the evocative vocals that attack, release and resonate beyond belief.

The instrumentals are rich yet weightless and ascend listeners somewhere wonderfully frightening. Like a room filled with glow in the dark stars without any recollection of getting there. Each song takes listeners one step further into their inviting elevator to hell. “ The Mountains Make Way” sounds as if the song itself has been syringed with beautiful doom and “I Will Be Light” took be somewhere I have no plans to come back from.

It is revitalizing to hear a new band that is no afraid to expose the wonder of experimentation and the splendor in the dark.

Das Racist is da best

All I can say about Das Racist (actually, I could talk for days about them) is they are dope. What I mean by dope is that they are the wittiest, swaggerlicious, intelligent, entertaining and raddest cats in NYC. 

The group played in their stomping grounds at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg, this being their last show of their U.S. tour before they head overseas. It’s always enjoyable seeing artists who are playing in their home town because there’s always a little more sense of community within the audience. Their technique of mixing humorous puns with important social and political issues is a challenging task and many rappers cannot fulfill this characteristic.

Williamsburg saw an easy-going performance; nothing seemed staged or rehearsed with Das Racist’s trio naturally spitting rhymes from some their greatest tracks. Michael Jackson, Power and You Oughta Know amongst others.  The show saw guest performances from their friends, as well as those featured on their tracks.  It was the type of show where you want to go on stage and hang with them because they’re just having a good time.

Their styles are naturally cool, their witty jokes are solid, their mojo’s are dope, their beats are creative, and their raps are addictive.  Enough said.