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The Kills – The Last Goodbye EP review

As a follow up to their latest LP, Blood Pressures, The Kills have released an EP, The Last Goodbye. The album begins with a reprisal of their most well-received song by the same name, a track gushing with emotion reminiscent of Duffy’s “Warwick Avenue.” Only instead of a blonde with Motown influenced vocals you’ve got VV singing with the dark and moody ruggedness of a 1980’s heroin high in Tompkins Square Park. It’s a haunting melody that will interrupt your dreams for days and a lyrical line that resonates with anyone who’s ever had to begrudgingly bid farewell to an unhealthy love.

Then you’ll hear the covers. Fitting right in with the ambience created in the title track is the second song, “Pale Blue Eyes,” made famous by The Velvet Underground decades ago and still a staple in the late night bar scene. Fortunately The Kills balance the acts of paying homage to the original vocal performance and stepping it up a couple notches of intensity with a simple but heavy drum beat combined with a sleepy garage rock sound on guitar.

Next on the list is “One Silver Dollar” where VV shows the lighter side. Sticking with the acoustic nature of the original as performed by Marilyn Monroe, The Kills hold true to their somewhat sullen sound but cut back the edge on this one. Like a bridge after two dark verses, “One Silver Dollar” lightens the EP up just before delving back into the abyss of heartache. Winding down the EP with a jukebox favorite and popular cover song, “Crazy” fits right into the theme of The Last Goodbye as a suitable closing for one very lovesick ride.

By Charise Sowells

Having graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Dramatic Writing, Charise received an award for her work as a writing student throughout the years as well as an award specifically for her thesis play, (562). While still in college she began writing artist bios and music video treatments for an artist manager in NY. By junior year she was writing promotional material including album summaries for Universal.

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