Fun – Some Nights album review

An intro reminiscent of an operatic nightmare with wandering time signatures and high voltage theatrics kicks off Fun’s sophomore album by saying welcome to Some Nights, a world all in itself. Like a Freddy Mercury reincarnate with the backup choir from Paul Simon’s, Graceland, Fun’s lead singer, Nate Ruess let’s his modern day vocal chops shine through in the very catchy song, “Some Nights.” The next track, “We Are Young,” featuring Janelle Monae, showcases the radio friendly sound of album producers Jeff Bhasker and Emile Haynie. With these two behind them and the band’s wide range of influences including Elton John and Queen, Kanye West and Paul Simon, Fun takes its listeners on a hook-fueled journey.

“Carry On” brings in the Irish pub vibe until the guitar solo from Jack Antonoff kicks in. “It Gets Better” picks up the pace with pop rock that was as “effortless” to write as it sounds, according to the band. The same couldn’t be said for “All Alright,” which was the last song to be written on the album due to being denied use of a sample as their hook. Luckily Emile saved them from the arduous process of starting over from scratch by handing over an original beat. That instance aside, some songs may have been better off less produced such as “Why Am I the One?” which was intended to be an acoustic song from the onset (or Nate’s highly vocoded vocals throughout the album and especially overdone in the closing track “Out of Town”).

All in all Fun’s Some Nights makes for a simple party concoction with vocal heavy rock compositions mixing with the bouncy dance driven singles. There is a cohesive anthemic energy evoking memories of summers long gone and child’s play emitting from this album. Taking inspiration from everyday life and the artistic greats of many generations, this young songwriting trio delivers a solid second go around that is equal parts hip hop and indie rock, bubble gum pop and dance music with Some Nights, and quite possibly a song of the summer.

By Charise Sowells

Having graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Dramatic Writing, Charise received an award for her work as a writing student throughout the years as well as an award specifically for her thesis play, (562). While still in college she began writing artist bios and music video treatments for an artist manager in NY. By junior year she was writing promotional material including album summaries for Universal.

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