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Big Science debut album Difficulty


HEAR THE SINGLE: No One Ever Wakes Up

Chicago based four-piece Big Science to release their debut LP Difficulty on May 29. The self-released endeavor will be available digitally as well as a limited vinyl pressing. The ten-track album is a combination of past and present pop and new wave sounds with a chemistry only Big Science can create.

As the band tells it, “Big Science is the soundtrack to making out with your junior high crush while watching a John Hughes film at a YMCA lock in.” Difficulty is not far off with special attention to delicately soaked vocals, echoing guitars, and climatic choruses. Together since 2008, the band has had time to perfect their sound through two EPs, Skyscraper Sound and The Coast of Nowhere. Using their self-made recording studio allowed Big Science to create a universe all their own, “…dedicated and in love with the act of making music that captivates and exalts the native tones of being, youth, and the city.”

“Like fellow new-wave-derived, Peter Hook-inspired bands Interpol and The Killers, Chicago foursome Big Science mixes danceable bass lines, propulsive percussion, and soaring, echoing choruses.” –Onion AV Club

DIFFICULTY Tracklisting:
1. All The Heat Has Escaped
2. American Gravity
3. Blind Our Eyes
4. No One Ever Wakes Up
5. Loose Change Century
6. Headlight Song
7. Crown For The Hanging
8. AM Golden
9. Subliminal
10. When You Go, Go Away

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