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Getting funky with The Asteroid’s Galaxy Tour

The Asteroid’s Galaxy Tour (once again) rocked their performance in NYC and played at the Irving Plaza.  It wasn’t too long ago where they played at the Bowery Ballroom. There were several similarities within the shows: the size of the venue, the wooden floors were shaking from the uncontrollable movements of the crowd, Mette was stunning as always, and their standout jazzy tones captured the audience’s heart. The one major difference was that they just released their new album, Out of Frequency, that day. We were all in for one big surprise….

They opened with a long instrumental introduction before Mette walked onstage.  Waiting in anticipation to see her ensemble, considering her role as a boundless fashionista, I instantly admired her look.  Looking as if she stepped out of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy ad, she wore a vintage inspired navy blue dress with a lace collar, pieced with Janis Joplin-looking sun glasses.  Accompanied by the intricate lighting, her blue dress beamed through the entire performance, literally. There are pictures to prove it.

Throughout the show, they played a variety of their old and new songs.  The six member band produced multiple layers of heavy jazz, classic funk, followed with a pop-rock twist, while incorporating a high-hitting perfect pitched voice.  I call the latter mix, “The Asteroid’s Galaxy Tour’s formula,” and it has yet to be topped.  They give an effortless attempt to master the funky and fun, yet casual and hip show. They played their classics; Sun Ain’t Shining No More, Golden Age, Sunshine Coolin’, Around the Bend, and ended with Push the Envelope.  Some songs they rocked from Out of Frequency included Major, Heart Attack, Suburban Space Invader (which they played in concert for the first time).

I’ve expressed my deep rooted love for this talented band because they are truly a jewel within the music industry and fresh breath of air.  My only question remains, when are they coming back to NYC?