The Tindersticks – The Something Rain album review

The Tindersticks return to the studio to solidly reinforce their mark in the music industry. On Feb. 20th, the band placed their ninth album titled The Something Rain onto shelves, outshining Falling Down a Mountain. After a fallout in 2003, Stuart Staples, lead vocalist, took a stab at a solo career only to find themselves reunited in 2006. With the success of their following albums they found the direction and encouragement that drove them to where they currently stand.

Staples slowly introduces us to the album with their first song called “Chocolate”, softly describing what seems like the childhood memories of a young man, the house he lived in and a night with a particular woman. The story he tells ultimately lulls us into a dream sequence, with intense descriptions that paint an unfamiliar picture in our minds. “Show Me Everything” and “Medicine” prove the album’s uncanny song structure. While “Medicine” and “Slippin’ Shoes” both start off sounding like awkward 80’s teen parties, Staples vocals creep into and merge with the music adding a cool jazzy feel and ultimately makes it the respectably tasteful song we all know and love.

The zest of the album is hard to experience at first, however the band slowly prove themselves as the songs gradually build. The tracks – more particularly “Frozen” – each have their own set of complex melodious layers that ultimately result in fresh, free and dreamy auras of sounds. The Tindersticks showcased an impressive job adding soul to their smooth sound.

It is safe to say The Tindersticks created their own original path with bizarre intricate sounds with indie elements. The band has been and will continue to tour all over Europe showcasing their music until May, but unfortunately will not be crossing over to North America.

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