Caracol – Shiver album review

March 6 marked the day Caracol released her first English album titled Shiver. It is the third solo album that she has released since the disbanding of duo DobaCaracol back in 1998. It also marks the beginning of an exciting career for the French singer songwriter.

Inspired by the surrounding wintery winds and snowfalls, Caracol tastefully wrote her songs with expressive raw emotion like love and betrayal. The album has six new songs with five songs that re-appear from her previous album. Her multifaceted style is shown through the differences between song such as Certitudes and All the Girls. Certitudes is more upbeat with an indie-pop sound topped off with the much appreciated use of the ukulele. Meanwhile All the Girls is a softer and more traditional folk sound.

Although her music is a mixture of both English and French, it isn’t difficult for listeners to understand her. As Caracol sings, and although in French, one can translate her words into emotions through her expressive vocals and the sounds of her guitar.

Lighthearted tranquility is the definition of feelings that Caracol has attached to this album, and there is a great amount dedicated to each song. Listening to Caracol will make one cry and smile at the same time.

Caracol will be touring for the rest of March starting making appearances in Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver.

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