Young the Giant at Terminal 5

I’m not surprised Young the Giant immediately sold out their show at NYC’s Terminal 5. Considering they are fairly new to the industry (their self titled album released in October 2010), YTG have made quite the name for themselves. Their tracks have quickly climbed to the top of the Billboard charts, performed at MTV’s 2011 VMA’s, and their songs have been featured in several television shows.  This talented Irvine, California crew have set a bright path.

Lead vocalist Sameer Gadhia soothed the audience with his mesmerizing vibrato.  His wide range of pitch and tambourine skills were clearly demonstrated throughout the night.  As he rhythmically moved across the stage, shaking his tambourine and passionately singing on top of beautiful guitar riffs, it was obvious as to why the band reached fame so quickly.

If there were three words to describe their show, they would be energetic, unique, and beautiful.

Energetic: One of the most animated lead vocalists I’ve seen. In “Guns Out,” during the lyrics, “Where the stars meet the sky,” he was literally close to touching them.  Also, on their last and most famous song (“My Body”) Gadhia did a bit of crowd surfing, making all the women on the verge of bursting out into tears of joy.

Unique: YTG incorporated a wide range of high and low notes and have embraced the ‘eternal summer’ sound that many bands attempt to reach. The hooks, along with the quartet, cello, chimes, and two mic set up (one regular, one for echoes), were the perfect combination for their layered melodies.

Beautiful: Not to sound too poetic, but it was a sea of pretty sounds.

Two years ago, they played at Lower East Side’s Pianos, and now they played a sold-out show at Terminal 5.  At this rate, Madison Square Garden here they come!

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