Band Crush: The Fixers

A future act you won’t want to miss are the Fixers. After seeing them play their first New York show at Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery, I was immediately enamored by their psychedelic pop sound.

This five member group hails from England and have been playing since 2009. With two EP’s released and one album on the way (which comes out in May), the Fixers are on the brink of having their huge break. Although the crowd at Cameo Gallery was not as large as expected, next year I wouldn’t be surprised to see this band on the North American festival circuit.

They have the recipe to success: striking riffs, catchy harmonies, and an overall addicting experimental sound.  With Beach Boys-esque vocals, and a range of contrasting tempos like Animal Collective, it’s easy to get fixated on the Fixers.

In the meantime, check out their most recent EP Pop Meat/Your Corrupter and stay tuned for their album.

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