Alex Winston unites with NYC, once again

“I can’t believe it’s been a fucking year” were the words declared by Alex Winston regarding her absence from performing in New York City. To say she had a strong comeback performance would be an understatement. That night Winston rocked the Knitting Factory, hard.

Petite in physique but with a load of personality, Winston began her show with “Fire Ant.” Typically it takes the artist a little warming up to the crowd before they literally immerse themselves into it. Winston’s endearing personality didn’t require any intros before she had the audience’s hearts. With her leopard maxi-skirt, a tambourine in hand, and a charismatic personality, Winston could have sang anything and had the audience’s attention. There wasn’t a song that didn’t pass where everyone wasn’t singing along.

One of the beautiful parts of seeing a live show is seeing the musician in their raw and sincere form. Between the high and low notes, the fast and the slow paces, Winston demonstrated her true talent. After she crowd surfed, invited everyone to her barbecue at her apartment (with her provided address), and played the best variety of her songs, she ended with “Choice Notes.” A good note to end. Now I’m just waiting for more of her tracks to be released.

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