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White Fence (Tim Presley’s successful solo project) recently released their new album, Family Perfume Vol. 1. He is currently touring with Ty Segall and is coming to NYC’s Webster Hall May 16th. This is a show not to be missed.

What’s your favorite part about being on tour?

Missing home.  and then while back home: missing tour. It’s a sick and twisted thing. And also to see which friends in different states have the best/cleanest homes.

What are the some of the things (musical, non-musical) that have inspired you?

Love & hate. Human interactions. I haven’t been inspired by music much lately, which is a good thing for me. Being inspired solely on music is like fishing in a trout farm.

I noticed your Blogspot, “White Fence Art Collective.” Do you create some of the poster art yourself?

I do. I love trying to out-do the last one. When I was in a punk/hardcore band I was fanatical about flyers and posters for shows. Still am kinda.

Many garage/psychedelic rock bands have came from LA/San Francisco. Do you think the location has made a large influence on your sound and style of music?

No. I would be doing the same music if I lived in Montana. I feel like Joe Montana. 

What do you like most about having a solo project? Is it ever hard to separate your style/sound between White Fence, Darker My Love and the Strange Boys?

Since I have been concentrating on White Fence, I haven’t had to separate from much other than myself. I feel like the same person musically with any band I play with. but depending on who else is there to mix with. What I mean is, I play guitar the same way for every band. I sing the same. What I like most is that I trust myself now. He’s ok.

What would you say is the main difference between your albums Is Growing Faith, and your most recent, Family Perfume Vol. 1?

Well besides the obvious, the lyrical content is more of a reflection of my life post-growing faith. And perhaps I got better at the 4-track. Physically, I got thinner. I smoked more cigarettes. But besides all that, they actually feel the same to me – an extension of the other. Or a hair, but Family Perfume Vol. 1 & 2 is just closer to the scalp. 

How has the state of rock n’ roll evolved with the resurgence of lo-fi garage rock? What do you think the future holds? For instance, is there a certain direction/type of rock that you think will dominate the scene?

I think songs dominate, the good ones will stick out. As far as I’m concerned “Lo-Fi” has been around since the blues. I don’t have a crystal ball, so its hard to say about direction. But I feel Rock n Roll,  I feel it coming again. It always comes back to the believers. Its too real to just die. There’s been a lot of trash over the years, but that’s every genres. If you don’t wash your hair it will get greasy again.<

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