Brooklyn Hosts the Return of Rock N Roll

Whoever said that Rock was dead must not have been to Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY on April 26, 2012, when The Nuclears, Nouvellas, and The Sights got the tight crowd to sway.

In the basement of the swanky bar adorned with leather couches, walls lined with a library of books and even a botchee ball court, three bands brought the hard-drinking grit and energetic performance.

Guitarist Mick Maverick was beyond excited to be opening for The Sights, a band more than 600 miles from their Detroit, MI home and an important musical influence for Maverick. The three piece consists of lead singer/guitarist Eddie Baranek, Skip Denomme on drums and a new vocalist/keyboard player. But despite The Sights’ nation-wide reputation and up-coming tour with Jack Black’s Tenacious D, the local band from Brooklyn stole the show.

First on the bill, The Nuclears wasted no time once they got their boots up stage. Formed by two guitar-playing brothers Brian and Mick Maverick about ten-years ago, the band includes lead vocalist Nick Vivid, Geoff Hug on drums and Bobby Atoms on bass.

No one needed to announce The Nuclears to the stage because once he got his guitar in his hand Mick Maverick, wearing his leopard-print tights and a sleeveless top started picking away. The band started right in. Shirtless, wearing low-cut jeans on a lean, cut figure like a mix between Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison, The Nuclears’ front-man Nick Vivid sucked in the listeners.

Vivid swung from the ceiling pipes, walked through the crowd, and teased with falling into the excited fans. The fans up front had his hand thrown in their faces, stared down and could smell the smoke in his hair.

The players nailed their set which included their classic track “Fast Cars, Loud Guitars” and their most recent single “Myrtle Ave at 4 a.m.” which also has an official music video that appears to have come straight from the archives of a 1970s German music show.

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