Greylag Interview: The Guys That Make Summer Campfires Just That Much More Memorable

Having just come off of the Gomez and Kopecky Family Band tour this past fall, then finishing a tour with Augustana, Greylag is working hard promoting their debut EP, “The Only Way To Kill” which was released less than a month prior to their Sasquatch Music Festival Appearance.

The Portland-based band whose two founding members (the core of this indie/folk-rock group), Andrew Stonestreet and Daniel Dixon, first met back in 2007, didn’t realize the calibre of music they could create together until both moved to Portland and really gave their style a shot. With a vulnerability in the lyrics and a great, simple sound, Greylag’s emergence on the scene shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

** Greylag after having been informed that we know those water bottles aren’t filled with water, photographed by Chelsea Chernobyl

One of the first reviews I found on you guys had spoken of your music being, “… perfect for summer roadtrips and campfires.” Did you have that in mind when you were creating your debut EP?

Stonestreet: We like them too, so that kinda makes sense, I guess. Some of it was probably first written in that setting too.

Is that part of your process to just let these songs come into existence organically, sitting around with friends, or did you find being in the studio really helped?

Oh, man… there are so many different ways that it happens. I think hindsight is a pretty awesome facet of the creative process, there’s a lot of that. You create something then you change it based on listening back cause there’s all this reflection happening. And that’s a good part of it: just tweaking and making things different.

“The Only Way To Kill You” is now roughly three weeks old; are there tour plans specifically designed around the release?

We just got off the road actually, doing a six-week national tour with the band Augustana. We were back for about a week then we came up here, so we’re gonna take a little bit of time then hopefully get back on the road in a couple of months. Hopefully sooner than that, actually, but who knows. We just need to relax for a minute, you know? See friends and chill out for a bit.

There are already some big names that you’re being compared to, not just word of mouth but in the media as well: Fleet Foxes, Local Natives, and Bon Iver, whose on later and is headlining this Festival… what is it that distinguishes you and keeps you separate from established names like that?

I think we all come from such different backgrounds. There’s a lot of common ground amongst [bands like that] but there’s also, well, we’re all into very different things and headed in very different directions. I think we’re just trying to leave enough room in our group for everybody to voice what their doing, and that’s important. I don’t think we’re shooting for anything specific other than just something that moves us.

A couple of your videos on-line, including “Tiger” and “Winter White” are through collaboration with The Sights of Sounds at the Mississippi Studios in Portland.

Ya, Ben Fee’s [founder/director/cinematographer/producer at The Sights of Sounds] a good friend of ours. Man, I can’t remember if we shot at Mississippi Studios or not. Actually, I don’t think we did. I think we shot at a venue that’s sadly closed down now called The Woods. We shot some there and we shot some in our attic which Daniel actually lives in.

Dixon: Right in my room…

Stonestreet: We had kind of just done random stuff with Ben up till then. Ben just sort of shows up with a camera and some microphones and just says, “Let’s just make this!” [laughs] It’s a pretty easy process.

They looked pretty stripped down and more about just letting you guys play your music and forget the camera’s are there.

Ben’s got a really good eye so we’ll just play the song a couple of times and then he’ll send us some clip about a month later. It’s worked out really awesome for us.

Being relative new-comers to the festival circuit have you had a chance to catch any acts? Anyone inspire you so far?

Stonetreet and Dixon together: Kurt Vile.

Stonestreet: As long as I’d seen Kurt Vile yesterday I was pretty happy. But we saw St. Vincent play yesterday, we caught Jack White last night, that was, well, that was fuckin’ awesome. We’re excited to see Bon Iver tonight. I mean, we’re lucky enough to get to stick around for the rest of the festival and we’ll for sure take advantage of that.

With catchy hooks and stomping rhythm, the folksy, bluesy, yet ultimately quintessential American indie-rock album “The Only Way To Kill You” is out now and I for one will be letting everyone I know hear about the group that is sure become more than just a west-coast addiction. Greylag is going to take flight soon and you won’t want to miss a minute of the success that’s sure to come their way!

Thrice: A Night in Photos – The Farewell Tour

I need to be completely honest: I had never seen Thrice live in concert until just a few nights ago – and I could not be happier that I got the chance to do so. Despite a heavy storm hitting Montreal all day, flooding buildings all over town, the Metropolis venue stayed perfectly intact for a packed house to witness the departure of a post-hardcore band that has been going strong for fourteen years.

Despite the fact that Thrice is only going on hiatus, the guys were playing their hearts out all night long. “Yellow Belly” opened their set, shortly followed by the fan favorite “The Artist in the Ambulance.” I don’t think a single being in the house wasn’t singing along with Dustin Kensrue. They kept on powering through songs spanning their multiple releases: “In Exile,” “Under a Killing Moon,” “Kill Me Quickly,” “Promises,” “Come All You Weary” … The band was unstoppable.

“Everyone taking care of each other out there?” Dustin asked to the crowd, “You guys seem like you wanna hurt each other a lot less than Boston did.” It was the only real pause throughout the night, and Thrice was right back into their set, playing a total of 23 songs.

Softer songs like “Daedalus” and “Words in the Water” carried well, but I can’t help but think that these were far from the highlights of the show. The last songs of the initial set were. I stood at the back of the venue, staring in awe. “Firebreather” hit hard, “Red Sky” was loud and emotional, “Stare at the Sun” was even better, “Deadbolt” was loud and boisterous, and then “To Awake and Avenge the Dead” was even louder and amazing.

The band was absolutely unstoppable. Two encores ensued, and I’m sure the crowd would’ve stayed for more had the venue allowed it. “Phoenix Ignition” kicked everyone’s ass, and “T&C,” which had been retired until this tour, kicked everyone’s ass again.

No fancy lights. No stage gimmicks. Bare minimum in terms of everything. It was all about the music that night. I may not be an expert in Thrice’s live performances, but I have never been so in awe of a band since the first time I saw Green Day play a three-hour set. They were so musically tight as a band of fourteen years. It’s such a rarity to see the original members of a band perform nowadays, and what Montreal witnessed the other night was truly special. Farewell, Thrice. That was truly one of the best shows I’ve ever experienced in my short lifetime.

Setlist: Thrice @ Metropolis, May 29th 2012

Full Set of Photos: jakemullan’s flickr

Hacienda’s Shakedown – produced by Dan Auerbach, out June 19 on Collective Sounds



“There are so many good songs it’s hard to pinpoint one but this one in particular makes me want to drive fast down a freeway before or after having gotten into some kind of trouble. I think that’s what the best rock songs are.”—KCRW’S Rachel Reynolds on “Don’t Turn Out the Light”

Shakedown, the new album from up-and-coming San Antonio-based quartet Hacienda, will be released June 19 on Collective Sounds. The Dan Auerbach-produced LP is band’s third full-length release and follows their acclaimed 2010 record, Big Red & Barbacoa. In advance of the release, Hacienda recently wrapped tours with Heartless Bastards and Kasabian, and, in June, will join The Duke Spirit on the road. See below for complete details.

The record’s first single “Savage,” which Rolling Stone calls, an “….upbeat, groove-filled track…,” is available now on iTunes. Moreover, the single’s official music video, which features the band recording in Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound studio, premiered February 1 on MTV Hive.

Known for their live performances, Hacienda has previously toured with The Black Keys, The Greenhornes, Dr. Dog, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Alberta Cross and My Morning Jacket. The band also toured as Dan Auerbach’s backing band, The Fast Five, on his 2009 solo project. Of working with the band, Auerbach comments, “I’ve been a fan of Hacienda ever since the day they gave me their first demo. They have consistently impressed with their natural chemistry as a band.”

Hacienda was formed by cousins Abraham Villanueva (piano/vocals) and Dante Schwebel (guitar/vocals) together with Abraham’s brothers Jaime (drums/vocals) and Rene Villanueva (bass/vocals). To date, the south Texas quartet has released two albums to widespread acclaim. Of 2008’s Loud Is The Night, Paste Magazine heralds, “…spine-tingling vocals, frank lyrics, organ rolls that seem to start high in the dusty hills and bass-lines that beat like the heart of a forgotten America…,” while Popmatters calls 2010’s Big Red & Barbacoa, “…a dizzying, winning recipe…”


June 1 San Diego, CA The Casbah*
June 3 Los Angeles, CA The Echoplex*
June 4 San Francisco, CA Slim’s*
June 6 Portland, OR Star Theater*
June 7 Seattle, WA Neumos*
June 11 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall*
June 12 Pontiac, MI The Crofoot*
June 13 Cleveland Heights, OH Grog Shop*
June 15 Allston, MA Brighton Music Hall*
June 16 New York, NY Highline Ballroom*
August 26 St. Louis, MO LouFest 2012

*with The Duke Spirit

The Hollows Cover The Band’s “The Weight”

“A Melodic, Fiery Hoedown.” – The Deli Magazine

“No conceivable instrument onstage goes unused amongst the talented musicians.” –

Roots-rock multi-instrumentalists, The Hollows have premiered a tribute to the great Levon Helm today on Check out their cover of The Band’s “The Weight” here, The Hollows will release their sophomore studio project, The Hollows EP on June 26th, 2012. Listeners can get a preview of the EP by downloading the first single, “Carried Away” on here, A freewheeling hootenany of a band, The Hollows, combine a veritable junkyard of mandolins, banjos, guitars, accordions, horns, harmonicas, and various other musical doodads in constant rotation. With no frontman (or six frontmen), everyone writes and arranges material, creating a diverse and uniquely blended sound. Their debut LP, Belong to the Land, landed the band features in The Deli Magazine (Artist of The Month), TimeOut NY (Critic’s Pick) and a performance at 2011’s CMJ Music Marathon. Watch the official video for “Poor Eyes” here,

The formation of The Hollows was a very gradual process. Erik Saxvik (Illinois), David Paarlberg (New Jersey), Jeffrey Kurtze (Indiana), and Daniel Kwiatkowski (Michigan) all studied theatre together in college during the mid-2000s. The four friends would spend many a night playing music in living rooms, bonding over their love of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits and all things strange and spooky; but it wasn’t until the foursome relocated to New York City and met Rob Morrison (North Carolina) and Justin Aaronson (the only native New Yorker) that The Hollows sextet was finally complete.

Because everyone played two to three instruments, it became a growing theme to swap them around at shows. Additionally, there were four songwriters, so there was a rotating frontman for each tune. This was perhaps based both on a theatrical model as well as one the group’s strongest influences, The Band, who seemed to pride themselves on the strength of the ensemble rather than any one member. Like a lot of great NYC bands, The Hollows had their humble beginnings playing two-month long residencies at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. It was there that they honed their sound and crafted their live shows that they’re known for today.

Since then, The Hollows have rocked CMJ, played one of the final shows at Southpaw, as well as designed, shot and released their first music video. Their sophomore self-titled release solidifies their strength as a six piece. The three-track EP showcases the band’s unique ability to utilize their individual talents to the strength of the whole – with lead vocals, instrumentation and songwriting credited to a different member on each track. Following the success of Belong to the Land, the new EP, The Hollows, presents a marked change and maturity not only to the band’s sound, but also to the band itself.

The Hollows will release their self-titled EP on June 26th, 2012.

Upcoming Shows:
6/26 – EP Release Show @ Brooklyn Bowl with The Nuclears and The Bottom Dollars

Release Self-Titled EP on June 26th! Watch their live performance of August here.

Julia Holter Releases “Our Sorrows” Video, Announces New Tour Dates

Julia Holter collaborates with director Naomi Yang (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi) on video for “Our Sorrows”, launches and extends European tour, announces more US tour and festival dates, including shows with Sigur Rós.

Watch “Our Sorrows” video here

When Naomi Yang and Julia Holter began an e-mail dialogue about a potential video, it quickly became clear that “Our Sorrows” from Holter’s 2012 album Ekstasis carried the conceptual resonance the two artists would collaborate on.

According to Yang, a founding member of Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi, “I was intrigued by the lyric in the chorus: ‘If you call out, I will follow.’ It didn’t seem to me that it was a statement of devotion addressed to a lover, but more about Julia listening for inner direction. When I mentioned this idea to Julia, she emphatically agreed. She said that she often thinks of her music as something that is inside her, almost like an intuition that she allows to lead her.”

About the working process, Yang states, “Julia and I developed the arc of the video as we worked, allowing what we filmed to determine where we would go next. We chose locations that in some way had a resonance to Julia’s actual daily life in LA, though I had an idea from the start that she should be making her way from an urban environment to a more pastoral one.”

Holter is presently touring in Europe, including stops this weekend at the Field Day and Forbidden Fruit festivals. Holter added additional European dates before her performance at Roskilde in Denmark and is also extensively touring the US and Canada late this summer and throughout the fall. Those dates – including a string of shows with Sigur Rós and stops at Hopscotch Festival and PopMontreal – listed below.

UK / European Summer 2012 Tour

6/1/12 – Cafe Oto – London, UK
6/2/12 – Field Day Festival – London, UK
6/3/12 – Engine House @ IABF – Manchester, UK
6/4/12 – Forbidden Fruit Festival – Dublin, IRL
6/5/12 – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK * w/ Peaking Lights
6/6/12 – Xoyo – London, UK * w/ Peaking Lights
6/7/12 – Tou Scene – Stavenger, NOR
6/9/12 – Only Connect Festival of Sound – Oslo, NOR
6/10/12 – Berghain – Berlin, GER
6/12/12 – Across @ Neues Museum – Nuernberg, GER
6/13/12 – Forum – Graz, AT
6/14/12 – Kong- Munich, GER
6/15/12 – Les Trinitaires – Metz, FR
6/16/12 – B-Sides Festival – Luzern, CH
6/17/12 – Spazioconcept – Milano, IT
6/19/12 – Menza Pri Koritu – Ljubljana, SLO
6/20/12 -Koo Koo Club – Athens, GRE
6/22/12 – Sidecar – Barcelona, ES
6/23/12 – Cafe Teatro @ Dia De La Musica – Madrid, ES
6/24/12 – Festival Sinsal- Vigo, ES
6/26/12 – Centro Cultural Vila Flor – Guimaraes, POR
6/27/12 – Galleria Ze De Bois – Lisbon, POR
7/3/12 – King Ludwig @ Museum Ludwig – Cologne, GER
7/4/12 – Thalia – Dresden, GER
7/5/12 – HBC – Berlin, GER
7/6/12 – Debaser – Malmo, SWE
7 7/12 – Roskilde – Copenhagen, DEN

US & Canada Fall 2012 Tour

8/8/12 – Paramount Theater – Seattle, WA
8/9/12 – Edgefield – Portland, OR
8/12/12 – Hollywood Forever – Los Angeles, CA
8/24/12 – Echo – Los Angeles, CA
8/31/12 – Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY
9/1/12 – Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA
9/2/12 – Black Cat – Washington, DC
9/4/12 – Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar – Charlottesville, VA
9/6/12 – Hopscotch Festival – Seattle, WA
9/8/12 – The Old Church – Portland, OR
9/20/12 – SPACE Gallery – Portland, ME
9/21/12 – Church of St. John – Montreal, QC
9/22/12 – Legendary Horshoe Tavern – Toronto, ON
9/24/12 – Crofoot Ballroom – Pontiac, MI
9/25/12 – Beachland Tavern – Cleveland, OH
9/26/12 – Schubas Tavern – Chicago, IL
9/28/12 – Pygmalion Music Festival – Champain-Urbana, IL
9/29/12 – Midpoint Music Festival – Seattle, WA
10/1/12 – Wexner Center – Columbus, OH
10/2/12 – Andy Warhol Museum – Pittsburgh, PA

Laetitia Sadier Shares New Track Off Silencio: “Find Me The Pulse Of The Universe”

Laetitia Sadier will be releasing her sophomore solo album, Silencio, on July 24th on Drag City. The Trip, Laetitia’s first true solo album since exiting the bedrooms of Monade and Stereolab, breathed freshly and deeply as both a personal homage to life’s journey and as a grieving process for the separations that are unavoidable within it. Born from a similar, natural need for stillness, with Silencio, Laetitia explores the individual connection to a deeper self, placed in a broader environment; she explores ideas of resisting the rules of the system, all the while doing so in a similarly fresh and distinctly Laetitia-like sort of way.

Earlier today, KCRW’s “Today’s Top Tune” gave listeners the first peek of what Silencio has to offer with album track, “Find Me The Pulse of the Universe.” It’s a song about recognizing the world of possibilities (as one can with mathematics,) and thinking in an open-ended, creative way to solve some of the confusion surrounding us. “Find Me The Pulse of the Universe” shows the singularity of Laetitia – her calm and direct voice, the one that reaches you and wraps you up each time you hear it, sharing her confident and honest ideas.


Lower Dens Announce Summer Tour Dates


Fresh off the release of the band’s critically acclaimed record, Nootropics, Lower Dens are set to begin their first headlining tour in June. Starting on June 21st in Raleigh, NC, the tour will include stops at The Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, The Forecastle Festival in Louisville, and New York’s Bowery Ballroom.

Nootropics is available now on CD, double LP, and digitally on Ribbon Music. Watch the band’s latest Butoh-inspired “Propagation” video directed by Sebastian Mlynarksi here

Tristan Patterson’s video for “Brains” here.

Praise for Nootropics

“Richly detailed, dark, and ethereal, the album is a feast for sound-first listeners drawn to expressive shifts in color and tone.” ­– 8.2/10 Pitchfork

“Sometimes trance-inducing, sometimes wildly dynamic, the album is a sumptuous, woozy feast that proudly dances on the lines between nirvana and reality.” – 8/10 Spin

“It’s an ambitious mission statement to go along with a richer sound.” – NPR

06-21 Raleigh, NC – Kings Barcade #
06-22 Atlanta, GA – The Earl #
06-23 New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks #
06-24 Dallas, TX – Club Dada #
06-25 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s #
06-26 Austin, TX – The Parish #
06-28 Phoenix, AZ – Sail Inn #
06-29 Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room #
06-30 Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour #
07-01 San Francisco, CA – The Independent #
07-05 Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios #
07-06 Seattle, WA – Neumos #
07-07 Vancouver, BC – The Media Club #
07-10 Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge #
07-11 Lawrence, KS – The Jackpot Saloon #
07-12 St. Louis, MO – The Luminary Center for the Arts #
07-13 Chicago, IL- Pitchfork Music Festival
07-15 Louisville, KY – Forecastle Festival
07-16 Detroit, MI – Magic Stick #
07-17 Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace #
07-18 Montreal, QC – Ill Motore
07-19 New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom #
07-20 Washington, DC – Rock and Roll Hotel #

# w/ No Joy, Alan Resnick

Amanda Palmer Crowd-funding Breaks $1 Million, NEW MP3 + NYC Party Tonight

Want It Back” MP3 Released with SPIN

“Palmer is set to join Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails as the artists that people tend to mention when they talk about the new music business.”
– Billboard

“I’d actually love to live in a world where Britney Spears could say: ‘I want to do a pop tour with 50 dancers and elephants, but instead of going to a corporation to fund it, I’m going to ask you, the fans.’ It’d be beautiful… “
– Amanda Palmer, NME

Singer, songwriter, piano-slayer & super-blogger Amanda Palmer re-solidified her title as the queen of crowd-sourcing this week when she hit over $1 million on her Kickstarter. As a thank you to her community of loyal supporters, she will host a very FREE, ALL-AGES special event in Brooklyn tonight counting down the final hours of the 30-day Kickstarter campaign with those who have helped to launch her ambitious global release! Kicking off on a closed-down-street in Gowanus at 6pm, it will be open to the public and will count down to a celebratory performance-art-endurance countdown featuring Amanda and her band, The Grand Theft Orchestra. High-level kickstarter backers will then be treated to a special post-midnight performance in a nearby loft. The event will take place at 55 9th St. (btw Smith St & 2nd Ave) in Brooklyn. Those who are not able to make it to the street party in person can stream the entire event, including the live concert, at Party go-ers should keep an eye on that link for any last minute updates & details. Check For a taste of what you may hear live, download the album track “Want It Back” MP3 HERE or where it premiered with SPIN.

Theater Is Evil is a diverse collection of tracks that feature Palmer’s powerful voice and thoughtful lyrics backed by a full spectrum of sound compositions. “Do It With A Rockstar” kicks it into full-force with a swirl of dissonant melodies and irregular rhythms before hitting home with a powerful, anthem-like chorus. “Massachusetts Avenue” dances with an undeniably playful tone and features a rush of bright, mighty horns. “Grown Man Cry” is full of dark undertones, each note reverberating and echoing before fading into the next. “The Bed Song” is a reflective piano ballad that showcases a more vulnerable side of Palmer as she recounts a lover’s intimate story, her dynamic voice transitioning seamlessly from wistful to commanding and back again.

Her first new studio album in four years, Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra will release Theater Is Evil this September. The band, which includes Michael McQuilken, Chad Raines and Jherek Bischoff, will embark on a six city summer tour unveiling the new album, which was recently recorded in Melbourne was produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Modest Mouse). The tour will feature a series of intimate performances alongside a dynamic visual art exhibit featuring 30 contemporary artists to include Frances Bean Cobain, Shepard Fairey, DJ Spooky, Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses), David Mack and Cynthia Von Buhler. Be sure to catch the band live and say tuned for more from Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra!

Zammuto add tour dates supporting Gotye this fall


2012 is proving to be a massive year of touring for Zammuto. The acclaimed quartet, fronted by Nick Zammuto (formerly of avant-folk duo The Books), today announce a string of dates supporting indie-pop megastar Gotye, the Belgian-Australian crooner responsible for perhaps the biggest breakout of the year, “Somebody That I Used to Know”. The announcement arrives hot on the heels of the recently announced second leg of their US tour with post-rock legends Explosions in the Sky and a highly coveted spot on the bill of NC’s Hopscotch Music Festival in continued support of their self-titled debut album on Temporary Residence Limited. Having showcased a seemingly bottomless reservoir of creativity and virtuosic execution at their live dates so far (including multiple sold out headlining shows in New York), the band are slowly building a case for being an indispensible fixture at the forefront of underground music.


NEW TOUR DATES (all w/ Gotye)

9/14 Kansas City, MO – Richard Berkley Riverfront Park
9/16 Cleveland, OH – Jacobs Pavilion
9/17 Columbus, OH – LC Pavilion
9/18 Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre
9/20 Toronto, ON – Molson Amphitheatre
9/21 Montreal, PQ – Jacques Cartier Pier
9/27 Brooklyn, NY – Williamsburg Park


6/17 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live*
6/18 Mobile, AL – Soul Kitchen Music Hall*
6/19 Tampa, FL – The Ritz Ybor*
6/20 Miami, FL – Grand Central*
6/21 Athens, GA – The Georgia Theatre*
6/22 Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson Theater*
6/24 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
6/25 Morgantown, WV – 123 Pleasant St.*
6/26 Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre*
6/27 Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium*
6/29 Hudson, NY – Club Helsinki
9/7 Raleigh, NC – Hopscotch Festival
11/10 Minneapolis, MN – Walker Art Center

(* w/ Explosions In the Sky)