Electric Guest – Mondo album review

Synthesizers, and guitars, and industrial pop Oh, my! The much talked about band from LA, Electric Guest, has unveiled their new album, Mondo. The electronica, indie-pop band has done well to fuse an array of instruments and sounds that far surpasses anything out of today’s corporate pop media.

Emulating sounds and beats from bands like Foster the People and more closely related to MGMT, members Asa Taccone and Matt Compton have successfully revived a feeling of “soul” and “emotion” through falsetto vocals and upbeat instrumental riffs.

Starting off the album is “Holes”, a slow-tempo song that lays premise for their later songs which are highly dependent on synthesizer zings and hums—alongside high-pitched vocals, the guitar, the piano and even some tambourine jangles for a more get-up-and-dance, bubbly sound. What makes this album so unique is this almost seamless incorporation of diverse sounds and vocals. Although it still falls in the realm of mainstream music, Electric Guest is set apart indefinitely from the rest because of its beautiful mastery of flow and harmony.

To show you what I mean, I invite you to take a listen to their song, “Waves” which is their best song and a perfect example of their unique flow. The use of upbeat synthesizer hums, rhythmic clapping, tambourine shaking, drum pounding, and falsetto vocals bring about this spunky-carnival like sound that fit perfectly with their outgoing lyrics. It is the simplicity of this song that makes it so great, also illustrated in “This Head I Hold” and “The Bait.”

For a fairly new band, Electric Guest has done an excellent job at appealing to the audiences expectations while also creating an inimitable genre in today’s media. I encourage anyone who enjoys the best of both worlds: corporate pop with an indie twist, to take a listen to this conglomeration of sweet noise.

By Melissa Mendoza

I am a writer, an artist, a cook, and a young woman deeply rooted in and passionate about the environment. I am currently a student at FIU pursuing a BA in Journalism, a minor in Int'l Relations and certificates in Environmental Science and Agroecology.
When I am not writing or working on my many projects, I lead a simple life with my amazing boyfriend looking for new adventures and new stories to tell.

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