The Raveonettes – Into The Night EP review

The opener on this 4-song EP is the title track, an ethereal, full-bodied nostalgia trip. Danes Sune Rose Wagner and Sharon Foo “followup” their previous EP with this gem available for streaming for the price of an email address. A nice introduction to the group with a growing cult following and a penchant for reverb and lyrics bursting with longing and impossible love.

Night Comes Out is the most dynamic of the selections, with subtly familiar guitar riffs that are admittedly buried under velvet reverb , but there all the same.

Too Close For Heartbreak could have used a stronger vocal track, if only to showcase the harmonies. The layers of fuzz and Buddy-Holly beats are pretty standard fare with this group, not that it’s a boring formula by any means.

Bad Ghosts lags pretty far behind in likability, musically and lyrically. It seemed like an effort for the duo to get proper production value out of this and thankfully it’s the shortest track.

Indie artists don’t always have to have the newest sounds or the edgiest refrains to be successful. The Raveonettes stick to a tried and true song structure that dates back to when Phil Spectre was a little saner and produced some of the best acts in the business with the same melodies, but they sound as though they have lived through the pain and heartache they are singing about. It’s also a plus to have a decent Scandinavian group that isn’t A) death/black/scream metal or ABBA.

Even if this weren’t a (relatively) free download, it would be worth a click on Itunes for the fact that it’s different music than you probably already have and its good. Give ‘em your email and enjoy.

By H0ney

H0ney is an avid music lover based in the Puget Sound. She enjoys all genres, but especially likes the indie/alt/industrial styles.

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