Gravenhurst – The Ghost In The Daylight album review

The Ghost In Daylight is the third effort from Gravenhurst, the vehicle of singer/songwriter Nick Talbot, and is an album that grabbed my attention right from the start. Talbot fills the album with solid guitar work, soft melodies, and a myriad of effects to set the atmosphere.

The album name is one that is very fitting to this collection of songs. The Ghost In Daylight progresses through a series of soft songs that very effectively set a soft and haunting tone. There is nothing jarring or suddenly loud to pull the listener out of the moment, instead each song just serves to draw the listener deeper into the musical landscape.

Circadian is the first track and the minimalistic approach to the guitar work and music is pretty characteristic of the rest of the tracks that will follow. The guitar rings bright and clear and is steady throughout, providing a reliable anchor to the music. I found, as the songs progressed, myself pulled in by the simplicity of the music and put into an almost hypnotic state. Not all of the songs on Ghost have lyrics or vocals. One of my favourites from this album is Peacock. Peacock is slow, methodical, and moving using simple finger-picked rhythms to carry through. When Talbot does use his voice in the album it is always soft and deliberate, settling in amongst the instrumentation. The vocals are not the strongest to be found. I could wish for a more accomplished singer but in the context of the album, they work and do not serve to detract from the music.

One song that did bother me though was the track Islands. The strength of this album lies in the guitar work and the natural acoustic sound that prevails. Islands starts off with heavy sounding synth, and a very artificial drum track. When held up to the rest of the songs it really stands out sharply and just doesn’t quite work.

Gravenhurst has made a solid album with The Ghost In The Daylight. Though I don’t see it ever taking a place in the mainstream spotlight, it makes for a great background. The type of music that you can put on and let soak into your surroundings.

By Chris Angel

When not sharing his opinions on the World Wide Web, Chris spends his time writing and recording music.

Chris currently has three albums out, all available on iTunes, and is eager to start writing more for his next album. He also enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches and being handed briefcases full of money.

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