Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix album review

Tenacious D’s latest album, Rize of the Fenix, is exactly what you expect it to be: a sexual explosion of reckless clichés. It is hilarious, surprising but most importantly, fun. You play this album when you grill steaks with your friends this summer.

Before the album was officially released, the music video for “Rize of the Fenix” was leaked onto Russian Youtube. The band’s response was to offer the music video for free to the US and Canada, then they posted the entire album on their Soundcloud account. The album is still there, completely free to anyone who wants to listen.

The album is a mix of songs and skits, although every song by Tenacious D can be considered a skit on its own. Black is at his over-the-top best here, he seems to emulate a different singing style in each song. His most straightforward delivery is in the song “They Fucked Our Asses”, the lyrics of the track are so ridiculous that Black doesn’t need to do anything extra to complete it.

TD aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves, in the title track Black describes their last album as a “failure and an embarrassment”. Later on Black pays his respects to the who make concerts happen. The song “Roadie” is all about a roadie getting a blowjob and crying when the rock stars take the stage.

There are some surprises on the album, anyone used to the acoustic rock style of TD will laugh at the 80s parody song “To Be The Best”. The story of Jack Black and Kyle Gass is related in “The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and Rage Kage”; here we learn that after “The Pick of Destiny” bombed at the box office, Black ‘sold-out’ and made millions in Hollywood, while Gass was left in the dumps with nothing. They eventually reconcile and record this album.

Musically the songs are well constructed and do not sound like a standup comedian with a guitar. TD has been touring, and recorded this album, with a full band and the results are great. If you aren’t paying attention it is easy to forget that this is a comedy album and not a proper release by an serious artist.

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