Beach House – Bloom album review

Right from the start of the first song, Myth, sets the tone for the album Bloom from the musical duo Beach House. Haunting, low mixed vocals, hypnotic guitar riffs, and steady percussion move the listener through the songs of Bloom. Each song,each melody builds upon the growing atmosphere while remaining careful never to dimish or detract from the overll feeling.

Thanks to the musicianship of both members of Beach House, Bloom is an amazingly consistent album. Victoria Legrand’s vocals remain fairly subdued, mixed low so as not to over power any of the instrumenation and music that Alex Scally has crafted. Wild and The Hours are wonderful examples of the build up pay off that Legrand and Scally seem to pull off. Almost ethereal intros that culminate with the addiditon of the reverbed vocal lines.

The album makes use of both electronic insutrments, as well as more conventional sounds. There seems to be a good balance between the two so that it never feels that out of place when the focus shifts from one song to the next. The song Lazuli lets the music be carried by an arpeggiating synth sound while other sounds and effects are added. Troublemaker, however relies on great guitar work and solid percussion to accomplish the same thing. The differences in the sounds of these songs still works completely in the context of the piece as a whole.

Bloom could almost be mistaken for a lullaby. One that stretches over the course of ten songs. There is an almost hypnotic quality that pulls the listener in and just soothes them. It seems fitting that the final song Irene fades away, leaving about five minutes of silence after the music ends. This is not an album that will fire up the blood and set the heart pounding. This is an album that can be put on and let settle into the background.

By Chris Angel

When not sharing his opinions on the World Wide Web, Chris spends his time writing and recording music.

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