FAWN – No Wave video

FAWN Premieres DIY Underwater Video for “No Wave” on Noisey

Stay Submerged Until the 3:00 Mark. Then the Party Really Begins.

Detroit quartet FAWN (members of the Von Bondies, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Child Bite, Javelins and more) have released a brand new video for “No Wave,” the second single off of their debut Coastlines LP, out on June 12th with Quite Scientific Records (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Chris Bathgate). Directed by band members Christian Doble and Alicia Gbur, “the concept of the video/song is based on the feeling of living your life under water. People are talking all around you but it’s all muffled. Maybe you’re surrounded by a party but you’ve never felt so alone. The end half of the song represents breaking free from this solitude or melancholy. ”

Click Here to Download first single ‘Pixels’

The members of FAWN are not only talented musicians, but design their own record covers, photography, posters, websites, and video treatments. They’ve assembled an excitingly well-versed group to showcase the sound of New Detroit through the prisms of such 90’s touchstones as Jesus and Mary Chain, The Pixies, Sleater-Kinney, The Breeders, and Juliana Hatfield, alongside modern influences like Yuck or The New Pornographers.

Coastlines Tracklisting
1. All the Lights
2. Hurricane Fire
3. It’s Never Over
4. Break It Off
5. No Wave
6. Suicide
7. The Forest
8. Pennies
9. Pixels
10. Cobra on the Beach

FAWN – No Wave video

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