Sasquatch 2012 Daily line-up preview Friday May 25th, 2012

If you’re lucky enough to be a part of the sold out 2012 Sasquatch! music festival, there are a couple of things you need to know and understand.

Firstly, analyze and decide on the schedule. There will be conflicts with regards to which artists you want to see and when. You’ll be able to find out schedules from the guides at the various booths, but plan ahead and get to the front of the stage by quickly checking below.

You can catch performances which are happening simultaneously, but make sure you have it properly planned. There can be delays, and of course, the Gorge is a vast area to walk around. With that said, Sasquatch! is phenomenal year after year. So grab yourself a drink and choose your stage. Don’t forget some sunscreen too.

Secondly, plan your showers carefully. The showering area will get extremely crowded if you don’t time it perfectly. With tens of thousands of other campers, you’ve got to get in where you can. The same applies if you need to restock from the convenience store. Although they rarely sell out of items as they have a steady amount coming in, it always makes sense to grab what you need when you can. The same applies to official clothing merchandise, except once it’s gone – it’s gone. There were some fantastic zip-up hoodies that went last year that I’m still pining over.

With the festival kicking off on Friday, the music will be starting of course later than usual.

Of course you shouldn’t forget to check out Of Monsters and Men at 6:05pm on the Sasquatch stage and HoneyHoney at 5:05pm at the Yeti Stage. But the Sasquatch stage will intensify at 6:10pm as Santigold transitions into the always fantastic Girl Talk and concludes with Pretty Lights.

The Bigfoot stage (2011’s best stage) will open with Yellow Ostrich and conclude with Explosions in the Sky, but not to be forgotten will definitely be the Banana Shack with STRFKR (kicking off as Santigold winds down) and Beats Antique‘s dance performance set (well worth watching).

The official Sasquatch Friday schedule:
Sasquatch Stage:
5:00pm Allen Stone
6:05pm Of Monsters and Men
7:10pm Santigold
8:30pm Girl Talk
10:15pm Pretty Lights
Bigfoot Stage:
5:15pm Yellow Ostrich
6:30pm Poli├ža
7:45pm Mark Lanegan Band
9:15pm Explosions In The Sky
Banana Shack:
6:40pm Little People
7:45pm STRFKR
9:00pm Beats Antique
Yeti Stage:
4:00pm Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss
5:05pm HoneyHoney
6:10pm James McCartney
The Maine Stage:
4:30pm Scribes
5:35pm Metal Chocolates
6:40pm The Physics

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