Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe album review

Known for her lustrous sense of style, Santigold released her latest album Master of My Make-Believe with a somewhat dull, matte finish. Packed with tribal beats, cool guitar licks and dubstep noise, the album holds Santigold’s signature cross-genre sounds. A few years ago, this would be enough to consider the album edgey and fresh, but in a day when its basically pointless to classify an artist under a single genre, Master of My Make-Believe falls flat as an obvious dance-pop album.

Her self-titled debut album, released back when she was known as Santogold back in 2008, is a fiery display of authenticity and spark that got her noticed by some of the biggest names in popular music. Perhaps the success that Santigold found as a new artist catalyzed her mainstream turn, or perhaps it catalyzed a shift in mainstream music, one that made her fusion of new wave, electronic, pop, hip-hop and reggae the new sought after sound.

Despite the albums shortcomings, it holds some commanding moments. Master of My Make-Believe opens with “Go!,” a dance rock anthem that is, if anything, a call to arms for those looking to have a good time– a brand of music that will never die. She gives young people a voice and vision in “Disparate Youth,” a song that proclaims that we want more out of life than what can be expected. The final track “Big Mouth” demonstrates how talented of a rapper Santigold is and probably my favorite section of African-inspired, dubbed beats.

Take the album for what it is: a fun dance-worthy collection of songs that flirts with emotion, but in the end, hardly scratches at the surface of meaningful themes such as rebellion, youth, and our bleak future in America.

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