The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap album review

If one were trying to describe the sound of the new self titled album by Temper Trap, follow up to the well received 2009 album Conditions, it would be a fair approximation to say that it is what you would get if you fused Muse and The Scissor Sisters. An album of pop-rock attempting to soar to grandiose levels. Unfortunately, it is just too generic.

This album is so polished that it practically sparkles. Each and every track is so overly produced that it completely lacks any sort of raw edge to it. This isn’t to say there is a problem with high production values. The formerly mentioned Muse, for example, has that highly produced sound but they still instill a sense of urgency into their music and Temper Trap just seems to let the songs go nowhere.

The song London’s Burning is an attempt to capture the type of political commentary that infused The Clash’s London’s Calling. The track opens with what sounds to be news reports from London riots of last year…and the song begins to build to something, but it never quite gets there. The song just seems to fizzle out in an unsatifying manner. The song seems to be a good representation for the album as a whole. From the opening of I Need Your Love the band hits as hard as they can and feels as if they are racing somewhere. And like in London’s Burning the energy seems to dissipate before it gets anywhere.

The album isn’t bad. That should be clear. Temper Trap is made up of some solid musicians. Songs like The Rabbit Hole show some good musicianship as the band backs away from the layered instruments briefly to showcase some acoustic guitar and a flasetto voice to be proud of. The problem is that the album just doesn’t stick out. It doesn’t rise above the crowd. It’s a good album from a band that should have been able to put out a great album.

By Chris Angel

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