Laetitia Sadier Shares New Track Off Silencio: “Find Me The Pulse Of The Universe”

Laetitia Sadier will be releasing her sophomore solo album, Silencio, on July 24th on Drag City. The Trip, Laetitia’s first true solo album since exiting the bedrooms of Monade and Stereolab, breathed freshly and deeply as both a personal homage to life’s journey and as a grieving process for the separations that are unavoidable within it. Born from a similar, natural need for stillness, with Silencio, Laetitia explores the individual connection to a deeper self, placed in a broader environment; she explores ideas of resisting the rules of the system, all the while doing so in a similarly fresh and distinctly Laetitia-like sort of way.

Earlier today, KCRW’s “Today’s Top Tune” gave listeners the first peek of what Silencio has to offer with album track, “Find Me The Pulse of the Universe.” It’s a song about recognizing the world of possibilities (as one can with mathematics,) and thinking in an open-ended, creative way to solve some of the confusion surrounding us. “Find Me The Pulse of the Universe” shows the singularity of Laetitia – her calm and direct voice, the one that reaches you and wraps you up each time you hear it, sharing her confident and honest ideas.


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