Electric Guest Puts the Ballroom to Use

A handsome, young, Lower East Side crowd gathered before the Bowery Ballroom’s blue-lighted stage in the high-ceilinged, smoky dance room on Wednesday May 2nd for the Electric Guest’s first-ever headlining bill. The bartenders busily filled last minute orders as the silhouettes of the opening band N E W L O O K appeared.

Canadian band N E W L O O K simultaneously resemble the eccentrically dressed Divo and a futuristic sci-fi persona. Lead singer and keyboardist Sarah Ruba, one half of the husband and wife duo, delicately put her strap-on keyboard over her shoulders and walked up to the microphone.

The deep bass undertones and rhythmic electronic sounds created by the bow-tied and be-speckled DJ seemed to come straight from Europe and his DJing was complemented by Ruba’s versatile range. Her deep alto, as well as her model-like good looks, enticed the listeners into a trance as she moved her fingers sexy-slow up and down her keys and swayed her body in place. Her high soprano range got shouts of excitement from the audience.

As the sound crew transitioned to Electric Guest’s set, the crowd edged closer to the stage and filled up the entire venue floor as well as the balcony furnished with café table and chairs.

Cheers from the diverse, prominently female audience rang out as the four-piece band from Los Angeles took the stage.

Charismatic lead singer, instrumentalist, and chick magnet Asa Taccone thanked the audience as the band layed into their set. The singer’s high energy and passion for the music punctuated the feel-good, rhythmic, guitar and keys rock and made the girls wild. Drummer Matthew Compton kept the band in time and brothers Todd and Tory Dahlhoff on guitar, bass, keys and back-up vocals played the tunes.

The 45-minute set highlighted songs from their debut album “Mondo” which was released earlier this year. To finish off the evening Electric Guest played their catchy hit “American Daydream” which has been viewed nearly 100,000 times on Youtube and left every audience member with some music stuck in their heads for the commute home.

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