Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble album review

For those not familiar with Orlando Higgenbottom (which up until a couple of days ago included me), Higgenbottom is the young DJ behind  Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Trouble combines both brand new tracks and some of the songs that have found their way onto TEED’s previous EPs. Deliberate and precise in the composition, the tracks of this album clearly indicate the hand of a strong DJ. At heart, I’m a fan of raw emotion in music. My interests gravitate towards singer/songwriter or rock songs that are on the verge of losing control. My initial listen to this album felt like I was being exposed to the antithesis of everything I hold dear, musically. The more I listened, though, the more I noticed the underlying emotion.

Trouble is, of course, an electronic album. From the first few seconds of the opening track, Promises, the tone is set and remains consistent throughout the album. What truly sets the feeling for these songs are the vocals. Higgenbottom’s voice is sad and haunting as he sings. The lyrics of the song Garden are by no means an example of deep poetry, but again, the vocal line is effective for conveying a sense of loss and longing. These same themes of lost love appear all over the album. You Need Me On My Own is another solid example of these sentiments.

The problem with Trouble is that there is not enough variation in it. The album begins and ends without a sense of having listened to fourteen separate musical works. There is a lot to be said for consistency on an album, something that can join the songs together. However, Trouble finds its groove early on and seeks to stay there. For me, it was just not enough to keep my attention hooked.

By Chris Angel

When not sharing his opinions on the World Wide Web, Chris spends his time writing and recording music.

Chris currently has three albums out, all available on iTunes, and is eager to start writing more for his next album. He also enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches and being handed briefcases full of money.

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