Bonnaroo 2012 Daily Line Up preview Thursday, June 7th, 2012

There’s nothing I love more than a music festival. Actually that’s a lie, however I do enjoy them immensely. Bonnaroo is up there amongst the world’s best, and in North America its main opposition seem to be Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Now although Bonnaroo doesn’t have live holograms being streamed online in the middle of a desert (helping the rest of world get familiar with an area of California named Indio) and it isn’t based in Windy city, it is holding it’s own further south east in the city of Manchester, Tennessee. Not too far away from Nashville.

Having now passed a decade of Bonnaroo’s, the eleventh is set to be yet another amazing experience with headliners including the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead, Alabama Shakes and The Beach Boys amongst hundreds more.

As with most festivals, the first and last days are a little less packed than the middle days. With the Thursday being day one, the festivities don’t ramp up until four in the afternoon. Plenty of time to get caught in traffic and still arrive at a decent hour to see things kick off.

If you do make it into the festival grounds earlier in the day, things will be running and ready for you. The Cinema Tent begins at 12:00PM with Bad Brains: Band in DC, and Fort Atlantic will begin the festival musically over at The Great Taste Lounge at 1:00PM.

With the schedule below, hopefully you can hash out and compare where you should be and when. I’m faced with my night’s biggest dilemma being finishing Kendrick Lamar‘s set or catching some of it and then running over to check out Phantogram.

I’m also extremely excited that Bobcat Goldthwait will be at a Q&A in the Cinema Tent alongside his new movie at 12:05AM. For those that don’t know who he is because you’re too young, rent all of the Police Academy films (although the quality goes down as the sequel number grows). For those that are familiar, go check out “God Bless America” with him.

Last, but not least Chris Gethard has been trying to walk to Bonnaroo from Los Angeles (he gave himself ten days), with no car, no phone and no money. He’ll (potentially) be performing at the Comedy Tent at 2AM – lets hope he makes it. Also, not to be missed is the Trapped In The Closet singalong right at the end of the night in the Cinema Tent. R. Kelly’s gem, karaoke style!

This Tent:
4:00pm The Dirty Guv’nahs
5:30pm The Lonely Forest
7:00pm Danny Brown
8:30pm Yelawolf
10:00pm Kendrick Lamar
11:30pm Alabama Shakes
That Tent:
4:15pm K-Flay
7:00pm Orgone
8:30pm Moon Taxi
10:00pm Soja
11:30pm Big Gigantic
The Other Tent
4:15pm EMA
5:45pm The Cave Singers
7:15pm Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
8:45pm White Denim
10:15pm Phantogram
11:45pm MiMosa
The Bonnaroo Comedy Theatre:
5:00pm CC: Stand-Up: The Bonnaroo Experience
7:00pm CC: Stand-Up: The Bonnaroo Experience
10:00pm Brian Posehn, Pete Holmes, Kyle Kinane, & Ali Wong
12:00am Brian Posehn, Pete Holmes, Kyle Kinane, Ali Wong
2:00am The Chris Gethard Show
The Great Taste Lounge Brewed by Miller Lite:
1:00pm Fort Atlantic
2:30pm Rollin’ in the Hay
4:00pm Water Knot
5:30pm The Casey Driessen Singularity
7:00pm Hudost
8:30pm MonstrO
10:00pm Marina Orchestra
11:30pm Glossary
1:00am Cherub
The Solar Stage:
2:00pm The Apple Butter Express
3:15pm Breakdancing
4:30pm Rubblebucket
6:00pm The Flavor Savers- Beard & Mustache Contest
7:15pm The Dirty Guv’nahs
8:30pm Dub Kartel
8:45pm Ogya
The Carnivalesque Cabaret- Burlesque, Bellydance & Sideshow
Cinema Tent:
12:00pm Bad Brains: Band in DC
2:15pm Green Screens Presented by Rock The Earth: Chasing Ice – Q&A with director Jeff Orlowski
4:20pm SF Sketchfest Presents: The Doug Benson Movie Interruption of Crank: High Voltage – Doug Benson & Friends
6:15pm [adult swim] presents: things you’ve never seen
7:30pm NBA East Finals Game 6
10:40pm Laurel & Hardy Shorts – Live Score Performed by Steven Bernstein’s MTO
12:05am God Bless America – Q&A with director/screenwriter Bobcat Goldthwait
Trapped in the Closet Sing-Along! – Hosted by Henri Mazza

The Silent Disco powered by Philips Citiscape Collection:
5:00pm DJ XSV
9:00pm K-Flay (DJ Set)
11:00pm DJ Equal
1:00am Jared Dietch / Quickie Mart

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