ORPH – Poems For Kui album review

If you were to judge Orph on anything but their music, you would think that they were much more flamboyant than they actually are. Their theatrical and dramatic look certainly adds an extra something that might otherwise be missing from their music, expecting an introduction theme to the biggest and brightest circus in town (which is hardly a fair assumption of what their music is really like). For instance, after listening to the first track on their newly released album Poems for Kui, you’d get the impression that the rest of the tunes would follow in suit, with enchanted sounding melodies ready to charm their way onto your easy listening playlist. However this track is the only of its kind on the album, leaving plenty of room for conventional, indie sounding tunes.

Nevertheless bits and pieces of this mystical vibe do stream through in appropriate spurts on the following tracks, but make you want to bob your head up and down rather than lie on your bed and imagine a netherworld. In other words, it does give off an indie rock vibe while maintaining that mystical undertone that rings through your ears from the very first tune. More blatantly it even seems that Poems for Kui can be described as the result of a fantasy movie soundtrack and a Foster the People album imploding, and spewing out mixes of unused tracks. You’re given traditional (or typical) indie rock riffs with somewhat orchestral backings.

Writing, recording and touring since they formed in 2007, Orph has certainly proved that hard work and vivid imagination pays off. Perhaps it was the experience of getting to where they are now (finally releasing their album in early May 2012) that forced such an eclectic gathering of songs together. The meshing of the recurrent indie sound (that is becoming so prominent in music at the moment) with the fantastical sound of horns and a mess of other backing instrumentals, certainly creates something unique for music lovers. Poems for Kui has a little something for both eclectic music fans and those who would rather not stray from their sworn indie rock path.

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