For Today – Immortal album review

When I first received the assignment to review For Today’s fourth EP, Immortal, I immediately thought, who? I have never followed the Christian hardcore metal scene, but I soldiered on and was pleasantly surprised by my experience.

Their first album away from their homegrown studio (Facedown Records), Immortal is a masterpiece of a brand new, technically superior studio (Razor & Tie Records). Always known as an upper echelon talent in their respective genre, For Today excelled even higher on this album. Their technical and lyrical prowess really shines through with the lead single “Fearless” and the title track.

“Fearless” is probably one of their most radio-friendly songs and less hardcore than any of the other songs on the album (or previous ones for that matter), but it is more of a statement song than anything else. It states that For Today shouldn’t be pigeonholed with the monotony of other bands in the genre, but that they have the talent and balls to make a song of this caliber.

If you are worried about the relatively watered-down “Fearless”, songs like “Under God”, and “The Only Name” cascade the rest of the 37 and a half minute album with blood-curdling screams, heavy guitar riffs, and booming drums. We also get some stellar guest vocals from Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D., Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant, and, in one of the best songs on the album, Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red. In “Set Apart” we get some amazing back and forth between the two dynamic front men as well as some amazing lyrics such as “we will not conform to a world that celebrates our self-destruction. We will not conform, because we know we were born for revolution.”

Those words, beyond the religious context, seem to be their answer to their new studio professing they’ll still be themselves and won’t bow down to authorial pressure. As an initial introduction into this genre, Immortal by For Today is a well-done offering by one of the top bands, surpassing all previous albums with a sonic jewel that will not disappoint.

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