Sara Bareilles – Once Upon Another Time review

With 5 unique tracks and coming in at just under 25 minutes Sara Bareilles’ latest EP “Once Upon Another TIme”, comes off as more of a short album then a typical EP; with the album’s narrative traveling through a wide range of themes and tones.

Starting off as very operatic the listener is treated to the beautiful highs and lows of Bareilles’ voice echoing over slower melodic tones. The album gains some pop in track 3, “Lie to Me” which helps the transition into the playful and comedic 4th track, “Sweet As Whole”, with lyrics a little too playful to repeat here. Finally we are brought back down to a slow poetic serenade featuring Sara and her piano.

This EP really showcases the ability of Bareilles to cover a number of genres and brings out the frustration of people trying to classify her sound. It could be that Bareilles is testing both her new working relationship with the albums producer Ben Folds, and a variety of concepts in preparation for a new album. If this is the case, we’ll be waiting in anticipation to see which of these new sounds wins out, or if it’ll mirror this EP and become an eclectic mix of soul, pop, dance, rock, and opera.

By Chris Bretecher

I am a traveler, music ├ęcouteur, designer, and builder of things I design (see previous trait). When not traveling, I am listening to music, designing, and building things I design (see previous activity).

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