Bullion – Love Me Oh Please Love Me album review

After a number of EPs and singles released, Nathan Jenkins (otherwise known as Bullion) has created a new EP titled Love Me Oh Please Love me. This London producer has arranged a five song tribute to psychedelic sounds, bursting with the influences of the awesome 80s. Having written all of the tracks on the EP, Bullion also covered “The Age of Self” by Robert Wyatt, which aided in keeping the collection a personal mixture of hand chosen sounds and tunes by Bullion himself.

Love Me Oh Please Love Me has been considered a continuation of his previous work and is most definitely a more personal compilation, bridging together the playfulness and eclectic music that is expected of Bullion. The EP is a short collection of muses and blunt lyrics, with mundane singing that falls into the category of Britpop angst. Yet the plainness and monotone nature of his voice is enough to keep you alert without breaking any eardrums, and really highlights everything else about the tracks. It’s really the work of the drums machines, guitars and synths to stir up any emotion, while the singing says what Bullion could not with just instrumentals.

Since going viral with Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee back n 2008, Bullion has grown extensively with a number of following releases including Get Familiar, Young Heartache and Say Goodbye to What, each progressing into the current sound that is Bullion: modern and psychedelic (although it’s a tad bit surprising, and rather exciting, for someone who has been associated with genres like hip – hop, wave and experimental to put out something that sounds so much like a gathering of 80s pop anthems). However, the shift in style can sometimes sneak up on a person who takes on the role of singer/songwriter and creates something that is solely their own. Otherwise the change will sneak up on the fans, just like it probably has on the longtime followers of Bullion.

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