Senses Fail – Follow Your Bliss: The Best of Senses Fail album review

I remember listening to Senses Fail when I was in high school many years ago. I remember thinking that when they screamed their chorus during their melodic beats, that it was as if their passion was reaching out for people to feel what they had felt when they wrote the song. At that time, their passion burned the same way as mine did. When I had heard that they had released “Follow Your Bliss: The Best of Senses Fail” album, I was immediately set back to 2004 when their album “Let It Enfold You” came out. That album had so much heart and soul pouring out of it that you couldn’t help but have it on repeat. The “Follow Your Bliss” album is gold. It’s gold to everyone who knew and appreciated the genre of “Screamo” and “Hardcore Punk”. It’s also gold because it combines the best of what Senses Fail has created musically as a band in the past 10 years. How can you ever go wrong with a “best of” album from an abundant and dynamic band? Easy, you can’t!

Looking back on music from 2000-2010, it’s evident that Senses Fail is one of the bands that will go down in history for creating and building on a unique genre of music. It is hard for a band that starts off as young to be able to continue making music consistently for a decade. Especially during a decade that produced so many bands with such a variety of sounds.

They are currently touring with similar sounding bands through out this summer for Warped Tour 2012. Such as, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Pierce The Veil, etc. If I could have changed anything about this album, I would of just added more of their songs that I esteem. Then again, that’s one of the beauties of appreciating musicians with an abundant amount of creative music. Everyone is truly different, and even though certain people may like the same songs, we also may have our own “favorites”.

Albeit the success they have had, what is to follow now that they have released a “best of” album? As Buddy Nielsen credibly screamed in one of the best of songs “Rum is for drinking, Not for burning”, “As we grow, emotion starts to die. We need to find a way, just to keep our desire alive.” Is this the beginning of Senses Fail’s death? Or will they find a way to keep their passion and desire to create music alive? Only the future will tell.

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