Future of the Left – The Plot Against Common Sense album review

Three becomes four on Future of the Left’s third release The Plot Against Common Sense. Those three years after their second record Travels With Myself And Another saw an addition to their line-up expanding to a quartet. But that’s all, no need to worry. The group from Cardiff, Wales decide to stick with the same synth splashed, playful post-punk formula.

A lengthy 50-minute record, The Plot Against Common Sense, probably could do without 10 of its minutes although this is not to say that the album suffers due to this. In fact these are some of the best songs to be added to Future of the Left catalogue.

On tap are the keys of Andrew Falkous with the help of influential stylings from Devo, dramatic climbing guitars which churn and crunch through the highs and lows of each track. But with every album an artist is destined to grow and Future of the Left do just that. Their lyrics are well above par even stepping in the waters of excellence. Speaking of implausible celebrity tales with Falkous’ anger swooping as low as summer films and as high as frustration towards world leaders and society’s dismal state. His irritation is unmistakable on “Cosmo’s Ladder”; Falkous sings “I have seen into the future/Everyone is slightly older”.

Right off the bat Falkous hits the nail on the head with a stab to the marketers of indie music with “Sheena is a T-shirt Salesman”. What’s more is “Sorry Dad, I Was Late For the Riots” is the definition of excellence using his lyrical ingenuity to the fullest, “I’ll enjoy a beverage from my penthouse flat in Kensinton, and once again, I’ll run with the wolves”. Indisputably Future of the Left’s best to date, The Plot Against Common Sense may fall short when compared to Falkous’ Mclusky Do Dallas from the previous project, Mclusky. However, even though the standings and competition may have changed The Plot Against Common Sense is testament to the album’s power and Future of the Left’s fighting determination.

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