Gold Motel-Self Titled Album Review

In May of 2009, The Hush Sound announced that they would go on an “Indefinite hiatus.” Following this announcement, the band Gold Motel released their first album on June 1, 2010. This new project was the brainchild of Greta Morgan Salpeter, the lead singer and pianist of The Hush Sound. GOLD MOTEL consists of Morgan (vocals, songs, and piano/organ/keyboards), Eric Hehr (guitar), Dan Duszynski (guitar, vocals), Matt Minx (bass), and Adam Kaltenhauser (drums).

Greta Morgan Salpeter, who now just goes by Greta Morgan, moved from her native home of Chicago to sunny Los Angeles, California to seek inspiration for this new project. You can hear this inspiration in all of their material. Their sound has a very lighthearted and carefree essence. This album does not take itself too seriously. The beats are very upbeat but seem to float you on from one track to the next as you are lulled into a peaceful state of existence by Morgan’s calming vocals. But Duszynski is no slouch either; he harmonizes beautifully with Morgan without overpowering her. “Slow Emergency” is a track that gives that visual of you riding down the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down on your car as the cool ocean breeze blows through your hair.

Their fourth album is a self-titled project that is slated for release on July, 3 and I recommend it for your summer 2012 collection. Whether you’re taking a road trip, having a backyard barbeque or just lounging by the pool, these tunes are the soundtrack to a pure sun-soaked summer. With GOLD MOTEL, it’s forever summer! The bags are always packed, and the car is always running.

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