Piano Magic – Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet album review

A band is lucky when they remain relevant long enough to release five, four or even three albums. Piano Magic just released their eleventh. But sometimes, lasting a long time does not mean getting better with time, as seen with Piano Magic’s newest album, Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet.

Formed back in 1996, Piano Magic is a musical collective from London that specializes in ambient pop and dark wave, kind of a cross between late Depeche Mode and Caribou.

Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet, which was released on June 11, begins with a short introduction called “Matin.” “Matin” is simply 70 seconds of viola, an amuse-bouche if you will, that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

What is that tone, you might ask? Slow, dark and minimalistic, for the most part. Most of the tracks consist of faint instrumentation with ghostlike vocals. The sound is disappointingly tiresome though. Even though the tracks do occasionally change between founding member Glen Johnson’s moody words and the voices of a childlike, high pitched female vocalist, they start to blend together after a while. After “Matin,” it is not until the fifth track (which is actually pretty good) that you realize you have been listening more than one song.

That fifth track, “Chemicals (20mgs)” is definitely the go to cut off of Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet. Unlike much of the album that blends together into a muddled fog, “Chemicals” stands out with its faster tempo and more dominant vocals. Sadly though, after it is over, you return to the previous muddle of indistinguishableness that flows from track to track together a bit too well.

Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet is one of those albums where all the songs song basically the same. If you are listening to the album and you like that one sound, you are in luck. If not, good luck.

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