Soho – The Debut EP

It was not easy to find information on Soho. When I finally found their website, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a decently sounding band that has the potential to turn into something once they mold their sound and technique more, but the question is will anyone be there for that seasoning needed.

Soho are a band based out of London whose sound most closely resembles classically rendered pop infused with folk and rock. If you are a fan of The Smiths or The Cardigans, this band will sound familiar to you as that is precisely what I heard when their first song “To The Sea” started up. Hattie Marsh, the lead singer, has a truly beautiful, haunting voice and when paired with her band mate Ludvig Helberg they really sound quite good.

However, their weakness lies in their adolescence. It is a decent starting EP, but the techniques need work. The sound isn’t as crisp (which is to be expected) and the instrumentation does sound one step removed from the bar scene (which it is), but those problems are all things that can be fixed with time and more seasoning. The part that isn’t so easily fixable is the lyrics. They aren’t bad lyrics, but they aren’t really lyrics that will make you think about the songs or draw you further into the band. It is more reminiscent of that song you hear on the radio once and you hum along to it, but once it is done you completely forget about it and you don’t rush to find out who sang it or what it was called.

The worst thing you can probably say about some artistic work is that it is forgettable, but that is precisely what happened once I finished with the 5 song EP by Soho. Given time, I think the band could really find something worthwhile, but unless I hear that new something on the radio one day I won’t keep tabs and I wouldn’t advise you do either.

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