Mnemic – Transcend review

Mnemic is one of those bands that automatically falls into the same category of bands like Soundgarden and Metallica for one simple reason; they are pure bad ass.

I’ll admit that I had never heard of them previous to writing this review, and now I’m kind of scolding myself for that. Not only is Mnemic one of those bands that encompasses everything a person could want in angst ridden, headbanging music, but they have been declared as one of Metallica’s favourite bands – who wouldn’t want to experience the same music that Hetfield and company rock out to (opening up for them on a few tours hasn’t been bad for their fan cred either).

Their latest album entitled Mnemesis (which began its production in February of 2012) has debuted on the Billboard Heatseekers chart at #39. It may not seem like a particularly high ranking spot, but cracking the top 50s for this Danish metal band has been a crucial step up from their previous studio albums.

Mnemic has certainly come a long way since their debut album Mechanical Spin Phenomena back in 2003, and within the spurts of screamo, metalcore and alternative rock, they have clearly carried a distinctive metal undertone that inevitably drives their sound. However even though some would argue that they don’t completely fit into the metal genre, their latest single “Transcend” off of Mnemesis proves otherwise.

The track starts off with a bang; a hardcore bang. If you’re repressing anything, the screaming vocals will make you want to dress all in black and turn the volume up a little louder (a lot louder?). Either way, it starts off with energy and plenty of it. It has all the elements of a hit metal song – wailing vocals from a dominant front man, melody driven guitar riffs with extra distortion and drums that beat faster than you can keep up with. However you can always expect a mellow break to make its way into a (classic metal) song about halfway through, which it indeed does. Thank goodness it only lasts during 8 second intervals and we can get back to the headbanging, pulsating, polyrhythmic sound that is Mnemic.

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