Toe – The Future is Now EP

Truth be told, I don’t get out into the world of music much. I know, it is something I chide myself on and the band Toe is a shining example of why. A mostly instrumental band from Japan they are categorized in the Post Math Rock genre (for obvious reasons), but on their new EP The Future is Now they are so diverse, fluid, and free that it really makes you want to pick up the rest of their albums. In fact, after going through the 4 songs found on this EP I immediately went to YouTube to check out some more songs and while you can definitely tell it is them, they really seem to mature and change with each passing release.

As I said, there are barely any words spoken on the songs, the most coming from the song “Tsuki Kake”, which might immediately became my favorite song of theirs as it features both male and female guest vocalists, but what really sells the song is the addition of a r&b element that weaves in perfectly with their math-rock leanings. Just like “Tsuki Kake”, the other songs “Run For Word”, “Ordinary Days”, and the requisite title track have really perfected how an instrumental band should mold together. The guitar riffs are stunning and seem impossible, the drums seep away into the background in a fantastic way, and you can really tell that this band has been playing for as long as they have. They anticipate and complement each other so well that if you have never delved into math-rock or any Japanese music, I anticipate you turning into it from now on.

Receiving the assignment for The Future is Now was a revelatory experience that is a perfect example of why I am trying to break into the music journalism field. If you are open to escaping from your comfort zone and seeing what else the world has to offer, then Toe is just the band to open the doors for you and you will be glad at what you find.

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