Katrin the Thrill – Evil Eye Charm album review

Katerina Panopoulou has paid her dues to the music industry. After years of playing solo gigs and mixing and matching band members, she settled in nicely with the right musicians and became Katrin the Thrill. This five piece band from Athens, Greece is set to release their brand new album Evil Eye on September 10, 2012, and promises to stay true to the alternative rock sound that they wear so well.

While Panopoulou’s music has been compared to PJ Harvey and Radiohead, her vocal stylings give off a certain vibe similar to what Joan Jett projected during her years with The Runaways; assertiveness and strength. The only difference between her and Jett would be that Panopoulou’s voice trails off down a haunting path, making you feel a little more seductive and mysterious, rather than loud and ready to mess shit up.

Although the band is tight and plays the hell out of their instruments, there is really nothing extraordinary about their sound, save for the lead vocals. However tracks like “If You Believe In Dreams” stick out for the simple fact that the use of the violin is the only experimental sound to be heard. Sure the riffs are edgy and their melodies catchy, but Katrin the Thrill just doesn’t have that extra factor that would put them ahead of, or differentiate them from any other alternative rock band we’ve seen to date.

On the other hand, Evil Eye Charm is a commendable piece of work, as the album is an actual album rather than a complication of random singles. It follows suit of their 2010 release Earth Is Calling Us, an EP prompted by the fires that broke out in Greece back in 2009 (released as Panopoulou’s first solo project, the EP was created as an homage to the environment, offering it’s proceeds to the reforestation of the areas effected by the fires). However the tunes don’t exactly break through that indie/alternative rock barrier even though the band has the potential to let loose and go crazy. They seem to be holding back.

By Teresa Di Matteo

Teresa is a writer and musician studying journalism in Toronto

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