Everest – Ownerless album review

I was actually not familiar with the L.A. rockers Everest when I started listening to their fourth studio album “Ownerless” for this assignment and after listening to the album I can’t understand why I haven’t heard of them before. Full of classic rock guitar crunch with indie/alternative hooks and melodies, Everest are a definite band to watch.

The opening track “Rapture” starts off this rock ‘n’ roll journey through a mixture of 60’s to 90’s influenced rock, through peaks and valleys of rockers and ballad-y tunes which include highlights “Give A Little”, “Hungry Ghost”, and “Games”. The latter especially is such a great rock song; the wail of slide guitar harmonizing with the chorus really kicks the adrenaline into high gear, showcasing the direction Everest could be, and maybe should be leaning to in the future. Even with such an eclectic musical arsenal, Everest make it work and the album is a surprisingly coherent piece of work, making me reminiscent of bands Echobrain and current peers My Morning Jacket. Frontman Russell Pollard even stated on the completion of the record, “Looking at the record now, it almost feels like there’s an invisible thread that connects all the dots somehow. It just sort of happened naturally.”

Everest are a band you want to root for and see become successful because of how good they are, and we are in need of some real rock bands, considering the cookie-cutter bands most labels only put out now. “Ownerless” is a solid piece of work and I’m very interested to see where 2012 and 2013 take this band.

By Andrew Wilson

Nationally published rock journalist and photographer in the SF Bay Area, husband, father of two. I also publish my own webzine, RockMonthly Magazine

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