My Tiger My Timing – Celeste album review

The British invasion continues! This female fronted, new wave pop band has debuted their new album, “Celeste” with the notion that it will make your head bob, your feet tap, and your body give way to dance. With their roots predominately in electronica, My Tiger My Timing has shown in their new album that electronica is an old genre continuing to be redefined by the new pop era–and they have done an exemplary job of putting a good foot forward.

The problem with electronic music nowadays is the heavy effects of synthesizers, sequencers, and machines. The intense noise emanating from electronic bands of today’s generation is far too overpowering for the ears. The music itself loses substance, and ultimately becomes a battle of who has the loudest bass.

The difference between My Tiger My Timing and the other electronic bands is not so much their emphasis on synths and keyboards, but their use of vocals. Their unsyncopated rhythms, tiered electric guitar riffs, subtle use of synths and sequencers matched with their use of modal melodies and vocal harmonies, really detaches them from that mainstream electronic garbage that is so highly approved of in our society.

Upon listening to their album, one very important thing to notice about their tracklist is its mesmerizing effect on the body. You’ll find yourself with a dance in your step and a snap in your finger. It’s feel good music with a beautiful use of vocal harmony. “Let Me Go,” “On My Record Player,” Endless Summer,” and “Written in Red,” all have a fierce edge to them that puts you in a trance to keep on listening. Most of the rest of their songs on their tracklist are similar to these, which is not to say is a bad thing, but also not saying it is a good thing as it becomes monotonous.

Overall, the album is well done although some work is needed.

By Melissa Mendoza

I am a writer, an artist, a cook, and a young woman deeply rooted in and passionate about the environment. I am currently a student at FIU pursuing a BA in Journalism, a minor in Int'l Relations and certificates in Environmental Science and Agroecology.
When I am not writing or working on my many projects, I lead a simple life with my amazing boyfriend looking for new adventures and new stories to tell.

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