So Many Wizards stream “Warm Nothing” LP

It’s taken his whole life so far for Nima Kazerouni and So Many Wizards to make this first album-a life that started in the middle of a war, stretched across five countries and four continents and bounced across Los Angeles’ thriving D.I.Y. pop community to land in a live-in office in the middle of the LAX airport (long story) and on a full-length debut called Warm Nothing.

When Kazerouni first began playing guitar himself as a teenager, those years of flight and stress and trauma spilled out from him. It’s when he first discovered how powerful music could really be, he says. But after he finally stepped onstage as the then-solo project So Many Wizards in 2008, he found he also had the power to draw like-minded musicians to him. Soon, he’d build a band-one careful connection at a time-and with backing from a who’s-who of L.A.’s new generation of indie-pop musicians, Kazerouni’s solo songs bloomed in full.

Joined now by Erik Felix, Geoff Geis and Frank Maston, each regular contributors at celebrated hometown venues like the Smell and Pehrspace, So Many Wizard’s Warm Nothing is a deeply personal and idiosyncratic suite of meticulously detailed twee-pop-a responding echo to artists like Neutral Milk Hotel or the Clean, who found power and catharsis both in softness and subtlety instead of overcranked guitars and overwrought lyrics.

Songs like “Sleepwalk” (developed from Kazerouni’s traumatic childhood stay in a U.S. Border Control detention facility) or “Yeah Right” play like kiwi-pop literateurs the Verlaines if they’d been planted right in the middle of the Sarah Records discography-all guitar and ardor and falsetto and metaphor, all delivered with breathless conviction and bottomless depth. It’s dreamy, it’s hopeful, it’s got grit and it stings, says Kazerouni-this is what pop music is to him.

The band recently played Make Music Pasadena on June 16th alongside Grimes and Cults and wrapped up a brief tour in July playing various DIY venues in Southern California.

So Many Wizards’ debut LP “Warm Nothing” drops August 7th on JAXART Records and will be distributed through Frenchkiss Label Group. The record release party takes place August 18th at The Smell with LA beatmaker, Matthewdavid on the bill.

So Many Wizards
Warm Nothing
(JAXART Records)
August 7, 2012
Pre-Order on iTunes

1. Never Wake Up
2. Lose Your Mind
3. Sleepwalk
4. Joshua (Kill Us Both)
5. Peru
6. Into A Daze
7. In The Sun
8. Inner City
9. Yeah Right
10. Best Friends
11. Happy Birthday
12. I Like It Here
13. Deep Down

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