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Foxygen – Take The Kids Off Broadway album review

Foxygen. A name that’s open to various interpretations. A new way of envisioning one of our body’s much needed elements? An appealing alien substance that seduces the mind? Foxy generation? In any case, perhaps an immediate opportunity for the band to showcase their cleverness and vision.

Foxygen comprises 22-year old band members Sam France from Olympia, Washington as vocals and NYC native Jonathan Rado as guitar and keyboard player. As teenagers, they were both involved in other bands, but it was differing artistic visions that caused Sam and Jonathan to form their own band in 2004. Since then, the duo has grown from writing songs throughout high school to exploring different genres and sounds, including rapping. Although the band took a break to pursue college education and join other bands in the meantime, the duo never officially broke up and ended up conglomerating once again. To date, they’ve written and recorded at least eight albums, leading up to their latest EP Take The Kids Off Broadway.

Take The Kids Off Broadway—the group’s first physical EP—was released on July 24th 2012 under Jagjaguwar. “Make It Known” was the album’s first release. Its tracks pay homage to psychedelic punk rock, with sounds reminiscent of The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and MGMT. The most romantic track on the album, “Waitin’ 4 U” channels love and restlessness with a Mick Jagger-like vibe. The far out “Teenage Alien Blues” is psychedelic voyaging at its best while Sam’s voice divulges strong emotion in “Why Did I Get Married?,” with intense shouting lyrics asking “does it matter?!” hinting at irony and frustration.

Fans of ‘60s psych-rock music will relish Take The Kids Off Broadway. There’s no denying that the high school years spent experimenting have contributed to a polished sound. While Sam France and Jonathan Rado are young and will doubtless further grow in their craft and artistic interests, if the skillfully crafted EP is any indication, then the future looks nothing less than promising for these kids.

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