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Osheaga Music and Arts Festival 2012 – Friday August 3rd Preview

Yo, so I heard you’re going Osheaga, and you want to know what to expect and which bands you should see? Alright. Let’s make your trip to Montreal a little easier for you:

In my humble opinion, Friday’s lineup makes for the best day of Osheaga. Last year was the first time the festival expanded to three days, and I guess they made enough cash to keep it as a three-day fest.

Vancouver’s own Hey Ocean! are always a solid live band, and they’re one of the first bands on the bill over on the Green Stage. You might wanna stick around at the Green Stage for a bit, because Polica‘s indie rock stylings should impress, and Bombay Bicycle Club is one of those up and coming bands that you’ll be wishing you didn’t miss. And who could forget Of Monsters and Men? That Icelandic band is brewing up a storm of hype lately.

What about over on the main stages? Fun. is fun. Simple as that. Go check out their recent festival performances, and you’ll see why I can’t wait to see them. As the evening arrives, The Weeknd will hit the Mountain Stage. I’ve heard that he’s stepped up his live performances since his early tours several months ago. He should be a staple for your Friday night. If RnB isn’t your thing, maybe rap is, and Classified will be over on the Green stage at the same time.

Florence + the Machine haven’t cancelled their performance yet, but hopefully Florence’s vocal chords will be fully recovered by the time the fest rolls around. I don’t really like Sigur Ros, but maybe postrock is your thing.

Any others, you ask? Dum Dum Girls on the Tree Stage, along with Wintersleep and Freelance Whales.

Friday was all about Eminem. This year? I don’t think Justice, the French producer duo headliner, is going to be the big attraction. Look for MGMT to steal the night away from the main stage headliners over on the Green Stage.

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