Osheaga Music and Arts Festival 2012 – Saturday August 4th Preview

And so it’s Saturday. Day One is done.

Who should you start with this morning? Memoryhouse’s dream pop tunes will start the day off well on the Green Stage, and The Dø will give you some French-inspired indie pop over on the main stage. Follow that up with Kathleen Edwards, and an old favorite in Portugal. The Man, and then go grab some lunch. After lunch, local indie rockers Plants and Animals should deliver after you catch a bit of Cursive‘s set.

Young the Giant are incredibly fun live, and are going to be a highlight of the fest on the main stage – I guarantee it.  Now, here’s a big dilemma: emo alt rock band Brand New, much hyped about rapper A$AP Rocky, and Juno Award-winning Arkells are all scheduled at the same time on different stages. It may be easy for you to choose, but my musical interest spectrum is very broad. This is going to be my biggest decision of the fest.

Garbage reunited, so they’re obviously back at it on the main stage, while SBTRKT is going to be wearing some weird tiki mask and mixing at the Piknik stage. Feist and Yeasayer at the same time? Feist hits up Montreal every few months, so if you’re a native, I wouldn’t worry about seeing her. Yeasayer is a different story, so check out the alt rock group on the Green Stage.

Saturday is typically the BIG headliner day. This time around? Snoop Dogg is probably going to bring along Hologram Tupac or something to wow the crowd. Snoop performed at Osheaga two years ago to a pretty big crowd. The only reason I’ll be watching his set? No other headlining act on any stage is any good. Who the heck is The Jesus and Mary Chain? An 80s alt rock band before my time, and I’ll be surprised if they garner a huge crowd. The Sheepdogs at the Tree Stage are more likely to have a big crowd.

By Jake Mullan

I go to a lot of shows. I listen to a lot of music. I write. I take pictures. Y'know, that kind of stuff.

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