Outside Lands Sunday, August 12th 2012 Line Up Preview

One of Outside Lands biggest scheduling conflicts comes early on Sunday, with fun. (Lands End, 1:30-2:15) and Birdy (1:20-2:00, Panhandle) playing at essentially the same time. Unless you saw them at BFD in June, fun. is the better choice. But for the lucky handful that have seen fun. recently, enjoy the sweet sounds of 16-year-old Birdy (but maybe leave a few minutes early so you can make it to Lands End to hear We Are Young or Some Nights).

Stay at Lands End for Franz Ferdinand (Lands End, 2:40-3:35). They have been off the radar for a while, but the Scottish rockers are a good bet for a solid set.

You then have two real options, revolving around whether you want to see could-be headliner Jack White. If you do, stay at Lands End for Regina Spektor (Lands End, 4:00-4:55) and then get your dose of Southern rock with the great Jack White (Lands End, 5:25-6:35). If not, Electric Guest (Panhandle, 4:25-5:05) put on a good live show and are a good bet if you want to hear something new. Santigold (Twin Peaks, 5:10-6:00) is being called one of the must-see artists of this year.

Now, all you are left with is your headliner decision. Stevie Wonder (Lands End, 7:20-9:30) is probably the coolest artist on this lineup to say you have seen, but Skrillex (Twin Peaks, 8:30-9:30) is, well, Skrillex. Unless you are dying to be front row for the dub step hero, a good bet might be hanging out near the back of Stevie Wonder, leaving at around 7:45, briefly joining the Wolfgang Gartner (Panhandle, 7:45-8:30) party and then sliding into Skrillex at around 8:00. You will not be up close, but at EDM shows where you are watching the lights more than the musicians, there are benefits of being a bit far back.

Must See Set: Stevie Wonder

Biggest Conflict: Santigold vs. Rebelution vs. Jack White 

By Brian Benton

Brian Benton is a student at Washington University in St. Louis, born and raised in the Bay Area. He likes writing, photography, biking, Andrew Jackson Jihad and Childish Gambino.

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