Joshua Radin – Underwater album review

It’s been a couple of years since Joshua Radin released his third album, The Rock And The Tide, and it seems that he has been using that time to rethink his musical direction. Underwater, his newest release, contrasts the rockier and more commercial sound of The Rock And The Tide with a soft sound that a return to the Singer/Songwriter style that first launched his career.

Acoustic guitars and a soft, near whispering voice are the defining characteristics of this album and they shine. Layered in amongst the tracks are percussions and strings and pianos but they are always careful to gently support and never steal the spotlight. Frankly, this is where Radin is truly in his element.

Each song on Underwater feels incredibly intimate and personal . Radin’s vocal style makes it seem as if he is singing each song to you…letting you in on a secret. Tomorrow Is Going To Be Better is the melancholic, yet hopeful opener of the album giving way to a swelling ballad of Anywhere Your Love Goes. The album’s namesake, Underwater, features a wonderful shuffling feel carried by a quiet and understated percussion. In it, Radin lets his voice soar a more and you can’t help but feel that he was smiling as he sang.

For me, the shining moment for the album is the track Everything. It is simply gorgeous. Female harmonies that match his low tone, soft snare rolls, swelling and ebbing strings, and a haunting melody. This song borders on pure genius.

With The Rock And The Tide it felt like perhaps Radin had already said all he needed to say as a musician and was just making music without giving much of himself anymore. Underwater shows an artist that has delved once more into introspection and has delivered what is quite possibly their best work.

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